Auto Feed Post DOCS

A XeroChat Add-on

XerOne IT | Support Desk | 20th May 2020

Welcome to Auto Feed Post

Auto Feed Post is a XeroChat add-on that extendes XeroChat features in the area of Social Posting. This add-on provides two modules: Auto Feed - WordPress Feed Post and Auto Feed - YouTube Video Post. Here is the key features of this add-on listed below :

  •    Auto Feed - WordPress Feed Post
  •    Automatically grabs Wordpress posts and posts on selected social media
  •    Auto Feed - YouTube Video Post
  •    Automatically grabs Youtube vidoes and posts on selected social media

Quick Start

Server requirements, installation and changes

Auto Feed Post

Add your Wordpress blog, Add your Youtube channel ID, Set campaign for social media, Campaign with Wordpress blog posts and Youtube channel videos automatically

Video Tutorial

Set up API key or blog URL, create campaign using Wrodpress blog posts or Youtube channel videos and set up social media for those campaigns.