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XeroChat Ecommerce store

XerOne IT | Support Desk | 20th Oct 2020

Welcome XeroChat's Ecommerce store

Ecommerce store is a fantastic feature of XeroChat. The feature can create a virtual restaurant and generate a contactless digital menu. Here are the key functionalities of the feature listed below:

  •    Create Virtual Restaurant
  •    Generate Contactless Digital Menu
  •    Appear Inside Messenger
  •    Appear on Browser
  •    Take payments
  •    Online Payment Methods
  •    Abandoned Cart Recovery Reminder
  •    Confirmation Message
  •    Show Orders
  •    Thermal print Invoice of Orders

Ecommerce Store

Generate virtual restaurant, Contactless digital menu, Order for foods, Add to cart & Checkout

Video Tutorial

Generate virtual restaurant, QR code menu, Order foods & Checkout.

Usage of Ecommerce store

Give Orders both from home and the restaurant, Receive orders both in the restaurant and from home, Give payments