WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin DOCS

A XeroChat Add-on

XerOne IT | Support Desk | 25th Nov 2019

Welcome to WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin

Very effective XeroChat addon that completes your WooCommerce store. If you have a shop based on WooCommerce and you are losing money every time users abandon their cart without purchasing. In this case, you obviously need this add-on. This add-on tremendously reduces abandoned carts and boost earnings. You would be able to create a downloadable wordpress plugin for your WooCommerce shop by selecting a specific Facebook page and domain name from the dashboard which can be installed via wordpress plugin installation zone.

Key Features
  •    Select your Facebook Page & download the WordPress plugin for WooCommerce shop
  •    This add-on uses Facebook Messenger Checkbox Plugin to OPT-IN
  •    Auto label assign on OPT-IN
  •    Connect your XeroChat with your WooCommerce shop
  •    Track your WooCommerce shop’s cart activity
  •    Send several hourly reminders to customers for forgotten carts
  •    Send confirmation successful checkout
  •    Send 3 types of messages : Messenger, SMS & Email
  •    WooCommerce shop activity inside XeroChat
  •    Abandoned cart report, recovered cart report, earnings summary & many more

Quick Start

Server requirements, installation and changes

How it Works?

WooCommerce Plugin, Configuration and Cart Recovery

Cron Job

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Video Tutorial

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