Instagram Reply Enhancers DOCS

A XeroChat Add-on

XerOne IT | Support Desk | 27th Sep 2020

Welcome to Instagram Reply Enhancers

Instagram Reply Enhancers is a XeroChat add-on that will enhance your Instagram Comment Automation Features. It has some features that will fullfill your all needs to make your Instagram business account fully automated. Here is the key features of this add-on listed below :

  •    Hide Comments of Account Posts
  •    Delete Abusive/Unwanted Comments of Posts
  •    Full Account Auto Comment Reply
  •    Mention Auto Comment Reply
  •    Tagged Medias - tagged you by Post Commenters
  •    Get All Comments of Post's

Quick Start

Server requirements, installation and changes

Instagram Reply Enhancers

Full account reply, mention reply, tagged media, Post's all comments