Messenger Bot Connectivity DOCS

A XeroChat Add-on

XerOne IT | Support Desk | 22th Sep 2019

Welcome to Messenger Bot Connectivity

Messenger Bot Connectivity is a XeroChat add-on that extendes XeroChat features in the area of Messenger Bot. Here is the key features of this add-on listed below :

JSON API Connector
  •    Connect any 3rd party app like Zapier
  •    Just provide a weebhook URL to receive data
  •    Works with messagner bot email/phone and postback events
  •    Choose data fields you want to receive
  •    Use data whatever and whenever you want
  •    Ability to export webview data

  •    Drag & drop webview form builder
  •    Embed webview URL as button click action
  •    Compact, tall & full webview loading
  •    Process & store webview data in XeroChat platform
  •    Form-wise & subscriber-wise collected webview data display
  •    Export collected webview data to 3rd party app using JSON api connector

Quick Start

Server requirements, installation and changes

JSON API Connector

3rd party api, Zapier, postback events, choose data


Drag & drop, embed webview with buttons, data report & export

Video Tutorial

JSON API & webview uses