Comment Reply Enhancers DOCS

A XeroChat Add-on

XerOne IT | Support Desk | 4th Sep 2019

Welcome to Comment Reply Enhancers

Comment Reply Enhancers is a XeroChat add-on that extendes XeroChat features in the area of comment automation tools. Here is the key features of this add-on listed below :

  •    Hide comment of page post
  •    Delete unwanted comments
  •    Image in auto comment reply
  •    GIF in auto comment reply
  •    Video in auto comment reply
  •    Full page auto comment reply
  •    Full page auto private reply
  •    Full page auto like/share new post
  •    Auto reply comment with tagging each commenter
  •    Auto comment your post by tagging all commenter

Quick Start

Server requirements, installation and changes

Comment/Hide Delete

Hide/delete unwanted comment, hide comment after reply

Image/GIF/Video in Comment Reply

Use image/gif or video with your reply message

Full Page Campaigns

Full page comment/inbox reply, auto like/share

Tag Campaigns

Auto reply tagging the commenter & auto comment tagging all commenter


Tag campaign, full page campaign & auto like/share reports