10th Nov 2018

Let me describe about the process for Facebook APP approval for BOT Inboxer. It's so easy. :) 

Approval Needed:  Page_messaging

Page_messaging permission submitting procedure: Please follow the below instruction video for submitting Page_messaging approval.


Example Content :  

Hi Facebook Team,

My Messenger BOT works like this way.
If people says "Hi", my BOT will reply "Hi, How can we help you ?"
If people says "Info" my BOT will reply "We are a software firm. We develop web application." 
If anyone says "Support" my BOT Will reply "Please put your question here, one of my team member will help you".
Thanks for your kind review.

Have a nice day.

Manage_pages permission submiting procedure :

Now let see how to submit for manage_pages permission. Have a look on below video. 

You will need to submit a screencast during submit. Here i am going to add a demo video sample. Don't copy it. Just create a same screencast by you with your app. 

Example Content :

Content for Tell us how you're using this permission or feature :

User can Subscribe their Page to App's webhook for Messenger BOT by clicking "Enable BOT" Button. For this it needs Manage_pages permission.

Content for web section:

Hi Facebook Team

  • 1. User Login to our system.
  • 2. User then Click the button "Login With Facebook" to import Facebook Account.
  • 3. Our system get the user information , Page List & Access Token.
  • 4. User can then Subscribe their Page to App's webhook for Messenger BOT by clicking "Enable BOT" Button.
  • 5. Then user can set up reply for Messnger BOT.

Here is the demo account if you want to check.
Login URL : https://yourdomain.com/home/login_page
Email : review@yourdomain.com
Password : demopass

Thanks for your kind review 

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