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How to set auto reply of dark post or by post ID with XeroChat

You can set auto reply campaign for dark post like Facebook Ads Post or any post that want to hidden from timeline with XeroChat. Also you can set auto reply campaign by post ID (those post don't show in latest post list of that page) Disclaimer :  We want to inform you that , Facebook Ads post that you created from Facebook Ads manager, if you have ever edited/modified your ads after ...

8th Sep 2019



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How to submit Facebook APP for review for XeroChat

How to submit a Facebook app for review   You will need below permission to run XeroChat’s core features. manage_pages publish_pages read_insights pages_messaging pages_user_gender pages_user_locale pages_user_timezone Make sure to keep Facebook APP in development mode Import Facebook account who is the admin of the app. You need to create screencast like the below v...

26th Aug 2019



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(#551) This person isn't available right now error message in Subscriber Bulk Broadcast

You may see error like (#551) This person isn't available right now in report of Subscriber Bulk Broadcast with Messenger Broadcaster addon There may several reason: 1. The user deactivated their account. 2.The user blocked your page. 3. The user don't have activity for long days with your page. 4. The user may in FB Inboxer leads as got private reply of comment but never repli...

2nd Jul 2019



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Duplicate BOT Reply for Enabling PageResponse Add-on

This may only happen those have PageResponse Add-on & using different APP for PageResponse & BOT Inboxer & got page_messaging permission for PageResponse add-on.  If your BOT replying duplicate message due to changes in your app level for getting page_messaging permission for EZ Inboxer/PageResponse APP, these may for below reason. Check your PageResponse's/EZ Inboxer  APP. If you ha...

8th May 2019



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EZ Inboxer compatibility with Facebook APP Version 3.3

Facebook has released APP version 3.3 They have changed some app permission system. read_page_mailboxes permission has been depreciated & replaced by pages_messaging permission. It has effect on EZ Inboxer & PageResponse and they will need another permission pages_messaging.  However good news is, our current customers using these has no issue until 31st December, 2019.  So no action is ...

2nd May 2019



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EZ Inboxer Auto Reply Slow ? How to Make Faster

You may face a bit slow reply with EZ Inboxer auto reply & private reply for comment. EZ Inboxer auto reply is cron job based, so a bit slow reply is expected behavior depends on how much campaign is set in your system & how much comment per post available to reply. Is there any way to do faster? It will not be instant, but you can make it bit faster by below changes. 1. Set the cron j...

23rd Apr 2019



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How to submit app for read_insights permission for Messenger Bot Analytics Add-On

First of all please go to the menu Administration->Settings->Social Login Settings and keep it in inactive state if you already activate any settings. Please ignore this if you haven't added any settings here. Then please go to the menu Messenger Bot->General Settings and select “I want read_insight permission approval” for “Enable Analytics” like the below image and save the setting...

21st Apr 2019



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New version released with new features

We have released EZ Inboxer 7.3, Bot Inboxer 3.3, Bot Inboxer Standalone 2.5.1 and Messenger Broadcaster 2.3 Please see the changelog below: EZ Inboxer 7.3: Fix: Edit button not work for text/image/link/video poster report section & delete issue fix. New: Import Leads Error Message Display. Fix: Bulk message campaign edit from report restart campaign again. Fix: Support desk m...

20th Apr 2019



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Where to find EZ Inboxer HTML,CSS,Font & content?

Landing page: HTML: You will find landing page HTML inside application/views/site/site_theme.php CSS: You will find the css used in landing page inside assets/css/site_new/css folder. There is also an css that contains dynamic code to accomplish theme change inside application/views/site/style.php JS: You will find the css used in landing page inside assets/css/site_new/js folder. ...

10th Apr 2019



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How to reset purchase code of EZ Inboxer & any other Xerone IT Product

One purchase code can be hooked with one domain or subdomain. However if you change your domain or subdomain, you will need to reset purchase codes to use them for new domain or subdomain. The good news is you do not need to open a support ticket or ask our team to reset your purchase code any more ! Yes, now you can reset your purchase code from your Xerone IT panel. You can reset both Envato ...

9th Apr 2019



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Solution for error (#200) If posting to a group, requires app being installed in the group

You can follow the below steps to install the app in your Facebook group. Remember that's for only after your app is approved & Live mode. First, go to your Facebook group and click the "More" button. Then click the "Edit Group Settings" menu from the dropdown list. As shown in the Step 1 section. Click on the "Add Apps" button in the Apps section. As shown in the Step 2 section. Her...

30th Mar 2019



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APP approval instruction for EZ Inboxer group posting [for who has already EZ Inboxer approved app]

First of all please go to the menu Administration->Settings->Social Login Settings and keep it in inactive state if you already activate any settings. Please ignore this if you haven't added any settings here. Then please go to the menu Administration->Settings->General Settings and select “Yes” for “Do You Want To Enable Group Post?” like the below image and save the settings. ...

25th Mar 2019



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