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Unique & brand new PHP apps at your service. The cutting edge solutions to take your business next level. Here we present to you the new born Xerone IT babies.

WC Abandoned Cart Recovery

If you have a shop based on WooCommerce and you are losing money every time users abandon their cart without purchasing. In this case, you obviously need this add-on.


84 sales

Messenger Bot Connectivity

Very effective XeroChat add-on that enhances messenger bot features. This add-on includes : JSON API connector & webview.


254 sales

Messenger Bot Enhancers

Very effective XeroChat add-on that enhances messenger bot features. This add-on includes : messenger engagement plugins, subscriber broadcasting sequence message campaign.


223 sales

We Help People Start New Business : White-Label SaaS Apps

Our products are not only made for your personal use. You can rebrand & host our products online and can start selling service to your end users. All of ours apps are white-labeled and have built-in multi-user SaaS facility.

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Best Quality Products

Our products always have unique & unbeatable features. We never compromise in terms of quality. Products features are developed taking market trends and needs into account. We know what you need becuase we think of your needs.


Easy to Install & Use

We keep all the complex jobs for our self and provide buyers the easiest outcome possible. Easy installation, interface & interaction will make you believe that. We provide step by step user manual as well as series of video tutorials and you will be never be lost.

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Start Selling Rebranded Service

You are ready to go with full control. Use it for yourself or your company as well as sell service to your end users. You will get built-in sales page to interact with visitors. Your end users will sign up, pay and use your branded service.

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We are exclusive seller at CodeCanyon but they allow authors to sell add-on items privately on their own site. Buying from us directly or buying through CodeCanyon does not mean any service difference but buying directly from us means you are getting lower price & better communication. We also sell some products exclusively in this site.

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We cannot sell all of our products here in this site as we are exclusive seller at CodeCanyon. You will find multiple identical products both in this site and CodeCanyon. Some products can be purchased exclusively from CodeCanyon. If you want to buy from CodeCanyon, go on, we don't mind. You are buying the Xerone IT products either way.

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Why Choose Xerone IT

There are hundreds of reason to choose us and here we are mentioning some of the key reasons. You won't regret purchasing Xerone IT products. Xerone IT, your trusted partner will be always beside you no matter time is good or bad.


One-Time Payment

We don't charge recurring. Buy once and continue using. Anything you buy from here continue working for a one-time payment. All products have built-in 6 months FREE support.


Quality Products

Quality of all products are measured and tested by a team of experienced professionals as well amature users. Anything you buy here comes with best quality possible.


100% Secure Payment

We guarantee max security & most advanced encrypted system. Checkout will redirect you to FastSpring's secure payment site. Confidential data is encrypted and transmitted.


Well Organized Code

Our code is open to customize to meet your needs. We write clean codes following all coding standards possible and code readability & commenting is always a key concern to us.


Free Updates

You will continue getting product updates. Update is FREE and always will be FREE. Most of our products have auto update feature that is so hassle-free as clicking a button.


Fast and Friendly Support

Support is the category we get most appreciation from buyers. Dedicated support team is ready to solve any emerging issue having developer team actively involved.

Our Clients Feedback

Whatever we are today is because of our buyers love. We look after our buyers and they love us in return. Listen their words what they think about us.


UltraResponse Add-on

Finally I found my desired features :) I recommend closed eyes this great product because it is a great tool to automate Marketing with Faceboook and the support is excellent!

Excellent job XERONEIT TEAM. Thanks for this great tools. I always impatient to see new features and new EZ Inboxer modules to impowered our app. Let me tell you that it is best like that time to time release new addons. This help us encouraged our users, and they start trusting in us, because our platform going better and better.


Comment Reply Enhancers Add-on

The perfect supplement for the best marketing system in FB !!!!


Messenger Bot Enhancers

The way i order this, you can not understand. Since i am old user of EZ Inboxer, and Xeroneit prove by themself they deserve our complet trust - i realy not get time to read details about this addon. I just come and saw his name and click, than order. Because i know, these guy realy are most trusty coder, programmer, designer i never met. So what ever they release, if i have possibility to buy: 1) I buy first, 2) and read after what is about. Hee, let me explain you that i do this rules only to Xeroneit Thanks so much, my prefer team - XERONEIT


Messenger Bot Enhancers

XeroneIT goes above and beyond to make sure you are well supported and setup for success when using their products.

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Fast and Friendly Support

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