20th Apr 2019

We have released EZ Inboxer 7.3, Bot Inboxer 3.3, Bot Inboxer Standalone 2.5.1 and Messenger Broadcaster 2.3

Please see the changelog below:

EZ Inboxer 7.3:

Fix: Edit button not work for text/image/link/video poster report section & delete issue fix.

New: Import Leads Error Message Display.

Fix: Bulk message campaign edit from report restart campaign again.

Fix: Support desk menu does not show up using social login.

Fix: Auto like on a comment by pages doesn't insert as yes during create a new template.

Fix: Import groups for author's app users.

New: Spintax support for Facebook Poster.

New: Now you can change email content that is sent by the system from Administration->Settings->Email Template Settings menu.

Bot Inboxer 3.3 & Bot Inboxer Standalone 2.5.1:

New: Page delete option added.

New: Media type template has been added.

Improve: Messenger bot subscriber list modal with grid pagination.

Improve: Child postback IDs are not unique in bot settings, user can select multiple same postbacks.

Broadcaster 2.3:

New: List and Media template has been added as a structured message template.

New: Clean Messenger Broadcaster Subscriber Sending Table.

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