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XeroChat Regular License

$89 $44

Can't charge your end users to use service of the Software

XeroChat Extended License

$499 $250

Can charge your end users to use service of the software.

Available XeroChat Add-ons

A Add-on is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to XeroChat. They can extend functionality or add new features to your XeroChat. All those Add-ons makes XeroChat More Powelfull, So Grab it.

Our Other Products

We have unique and distinctive softwares— the groundbreaking solutions— to conduct your business in a way so that your business bloom in a short while. We have a wide range of market-leading softwares in different fields. We sell some of our products exclusively on our official website, some exclusively on Envato market, and some on both our official site and Envato market.


XeroSEO - Complete Visitor & SEO Analytics

$49 $24 (Regular)

$349 $175 (Extended)


XeroBizz - Google My Business Management Software (SaaS Platform)

$49 $24.50 (Regular)

$349 $174.50 (Extended)


XeroVidd - YouTube Marketing Application (SaaS Platform)

$59 $30 (Regular)

$499 $200 (Extended)

Any business needs XeroChat !

XeroChat is the Best Multichannel Marketing Application (White Labeled). Combine with all powerful tools like Messenger BOT Builder, Comment BOT Builder, Messenger Broadcaster, Facebook Poster, 8 Social Media Poster, RSS Poster, Existing Messenger Subscribers Import,SMS marketing, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, Comparison Marketing & many other features. XeroChat is the best choice for your daily marketing solutions. The best part of this system is you can broadcast Promotional Message to Messenger Subscribers. You can import unlimited Facebook accounts, unlimited Facebook pages. It’s a white label multi-user system, so you can create unlimited users as well to use the system.

What XeroChat Offers ?

Facebook Messenger BOT

  • Reply with text, file, image, audio, video, GIF
  • Generic template, carousel template, media template
  • Post back buttons, quick reply buttons
  • Button of URL, phone number, webview , user birthday
  • Quick Reply button of user email, phone number
  • Personalized reply with first name, last name
  • Sync existing leads & migrate as BOT subscribers
  • Subscriber profile with gender, time zone & locale
  • Segment subscriber by post-back button click
  • Segment subscriber by private reply
  • Segment subscriber by adding label manually
  • Typing on enable option
  • Custom delay in each reply
  • Mark seen action enable option
  • Persistent menu
  • Different persistent menu add for different locale.
  • Your Brand URL set option in persistent menu
  • Collect email from quick reply & MailChimp Integration
  • Collect phone number from quick reply
  • Download email & phone number as CSV
  • Error reporting log of reply
  • Export bot settings
  • Save exported bot data as template
  • Admin can save exported bot data as template for users
  • Import exported bot data for any page
  • Visual & interactive tree view of full bot

Facebook Comment BOT

  • Auto private reply for post comment.
  • Auto private reply with template message (image, video, buttons, quick reply, carousel, generic template)
  • Auto comment reply with webhook as instant.
  • Auto comment reply for post comment.
  • Auto like on comment
  • Dark post reply
  • Reply multi image post’s each image
  • Highly customization auto private reply & comment reply text.
  • Filtering word based auto private reply & comment reply option.
  • Full report of auto private reply & comment reply.
  • Segment subscribers
  • Emoji and spintax message

Auto Comment Tools

  • Auto comment on page post as page
  • One-time & periodic comment
  • Serial & random periodic comment
  • Auto comment template management
  • Emoji and spintax comment
  • Choose time & date interval of comment
  • Increase page engagement

Facebook Bulk Message Campaign

  • Send unlimited bulk message to all subscribers
  • Emoji and spintax message
  • Full Report of campaign (delivery/unsuccessful).
  • Delay option for each message send.
  • Unsubscribe option with Messenger BOT settings
  • Auto unsubscribe manual unsubscribe option.
  • Auto Unsubscribe leads who blocked page message.

Facebook Inbox Manager

  • Pages message in one place
  • All unread Message in one place.
  • Reply Option from one place.
  • Manage all page inbox without wasting time

Facebook Posting

  • RSS Auto-posting
  • Text, image, multi-image, video & link post
  • CTA button, carousel & slideshow post
  • Periodic re-posting ability
  • Enable auto comment reply campaign with post.
  • Full report of posting & emoji support

Social Media Bulk Posting

  • One click bulk post to 8 social media
  • Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress
  • Text, link, image & video posting
  • Campaign scheduling


  • Import CSV contact list
  • List segmentation
  • Integrate with most popular sms gateways (Twilio, Plivo, Clickatell, Nexmo, AfricasTalking, Msg91, SemySMS, RouteSMS etc)
  • Broadcast SMS to Messenger collected phone numbers
  • Broadcast SMS to custom imported list
  • Campaign scheduling
  • SMS notification during phone OPT-IN inside Messenger

Email Marketing READ MORE

  • Import CSV contact list & segmentation
  • Integrate with most popular email gateways (SMTP, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mandrill etc)
  • Broadcast email to Messenger collected emails
  • Broadcast email to custom imported list
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Get email campaign report and open rate
  • Email notification during email OPT-IN inside Messenger
  • MailChimp autoresponder intergration

Comparison & Search Marketing

  • Website Comparison (like, share, comment etc)
  • Place Search in Facebook (address, phone, website, Facebook page, like, reviews, check-in, about etc)
  • Plan for your next Social Media Marketing Strategy

Analytical Marketing

Modern Marketing depends on data analysis. XeroChat provides facebook page analytics with hundreds of metrics

  • Facebook page analytics
  • Facebook page messenger analytics
  • Graphical reports & dashboards
  • Raw data download

Ecommerce Store & Virtual Restaurant

  • Generate Virtual Ecommerce Store
  • Sell Products Inside & Outside Messenger
  • Manage Products with multiple Attributes
  • Take Payment with Popular Payment Methods (PayPal,Stripe etc)
  • Selling Products With Coupon System
  • Set Delivery Points
  • Generate QR Code to sell products
  • Confirmation & Reminder Notification for Abandoned carts
  • Generate Invoice for Sold Products

Extended License Features

  • PayPal & Stripe integrated
  • Support desk system
  • Advanced dashboard

Other Features

  • Multilingual support & language editor
  • Eye-catching ad-ready landing page
  • Automatic update & add-on support
  • Awesome dashboard & login log
  • Multi-user and SaaS application.
  • Social login (Google / Facebook)
  • Announcement for member

Why choose Xerone IT ?

Xerone IT is the leading company around the world to build white label SaaS application. Our most strong side is, our products helps our customer to build their own business based on our product by selling service directly to their customers. So our product not only help to grow business but also build new business.