XeroChat New Updates 1.1.3

Profile Picture xeroneitbd  3rd Oct 2019 XeroChat

New updates have been released for XeroChat

1. MailChimp integration has been added in XeroChat  ( Read details here https://xeroneit.net/blog/xerochat-mailchimp-integration )

2. NON_PROMOTIONAL_SUBSCRIPTION Tag is added in Messenger BOT Enhancers Add-ons, just for users who had already approved their pages for Subscription Messaging. And by Facebook announcement it will work till  15th January, 2020 . If your page isn't approved in past, then this will not work for that page.

3. WebView form submitted data display refresh issue for Messenger Bot Connectivity add-on.

Some other Fixes for XeroChat :

- Bot subscriber add label does not work on mozilla firefox issue
- Support desk visible even it is turned off from settings issue
- Typo issues
- Several other minor fixes

Xerone IT Team

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