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XeroChat v2.2 comes with some new features, improvements & fixes. Update system is as usual with auto update system. You will find it inside System->Check Update menu in XeroChat admin panel. 

The changelogs for v2.2 are as below:

New Features:

1. Video post on twitter added

2. Posting to WordPress self-hosted blog added

3. Reposting feature added for a scheduled post in social poster section

4. Click rate report added to Email manager

5. Bulk contact delete in the external contact list


1. Open rate result modified in Email manager section

2. Manual payment system improvement (Only for extended license)


1. Package info display issue in member profile

2. LinkedIn & Reddit posting bug fix

3. Scheduling post in Comboposter bug fix

4. Edit postback template issue fix

5. Bot export-import issue fix.

NB: The previously exported bot will not work properly, we recommend to delete previously exported bot from Messenger bot->Saved template section and then export your bot again.

Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comment area.

Thank you all :) 

Xerone IT Team 

1 Answers

  • avydigital

    1 year ago

    I clicked upgrade, but the system has been updated for over an hour .. I've never had such a problem .. What to do in such a situation?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      1 year ago

      I guess, it must be issue of file permission for write . I would suggest to check your file & folder's permission. Make sure to give write permission to folders. Some server needs 755 & some server may needs 777 depends on user group .

      However to debug the actual issue, please open a support ticket. Provide us

      1. Application admin login credential.

      2. Cpanel access or FTP+PHPMyadmin access

      to check the actual matter.


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