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BizzFair - Complete Google My Business Management Software (SaaS Platform)
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We also have BizzFair as ChatPion add-on. If you already have ChatPion then it is better to buy BizzFair add-on. Add-on link : https://xeroneit.net/portfolio/xerobizz-google-my-business-made-easy-xerochat-addon

BizzFair , the most powerful web application, can promote your business in accordance with Google. BizzFair simplifies Google’s Google My Business service in a very simple, easy-to-use and user-friendly interface so that business owners can promote their businesses in different places/locations from one-simple-platform.

If you already have a business, or you are going to launch a new business, you must need BizzFair to reach your customers using its unique features such as business in multiple locations, automatic review reply, location and post insights, manual review reply, question and answer, campaigning call-to-action posts, event and offer posts and so on. By checking locations’ and posts’ insights, you can instantly observe your business growth.

BizzFair is a must-have set of tools for your business nowadays. BizzFair offers two types of licenses: regular license & extended license. You will get BizzFair source files and have to install it on your server.

Extended license will allow selling this very software as a service to your end users since BizzFair is a born multi-user SaaS. PayPal & Stripe are integrated so that you can receive payment from your end users. If you want to use the SaaS features and charge your end users for using the service, you have to buy extended license.


Business in Multiple Locations

  • You are able to maintain your business to multiple locations
  • You are able to maintain multiple business’ information
  • You are able to switch between businesses at one click

Automatic Review Reply

  • Gives a way to reply to a review automatically
  • Custom star based automatic replies to reviews
  • Automatic replies to reviews are editable
  • Unlimited keyword based automatic replies
  • Generic replies to reviews.
  • Default review reply for no keyword match
  • Star based review report is available

Location and Post Insights

You’re able to observe growth and state of business

  • Each location and post have insights
  • Each location provides insights for multiple metrics
  • Each post provides insight for different locations

Manual Review Reply

  • You can manually reply to a review from one interface
  • You can manually update a reply for any location.
  • Multiple admins can reply to a review

Question and Answer

  • No need other platforms for giving an answer to a customer’s questions
  • You can interact with your customers via questions & answers
  • You can write answers for any questions from a single interface
  • Multiple admins can answers to a questions

Campaigning Posts

  • A single interface for creating posts
  • You’re able to create several types of posts
  • You’re able to schedule posts to be posted later
  • You’re able to write a single post to different locations
  • All posts will be automatically posted onto google


Campaigning Call-To-Action Posts

  • You’re able to write several types of CTA posts
  • You can make your customers a phone call to you
  • You can get your customers to your products from google search page
  • You can make your customers to buy your products from google search

Campaigning Offer Posts

  • You’re able to make a coupon code for a specific or all products
  • You can get your customers to your products from google search page

Campaigning Event Posts

  • You’re able to write a post that can represent an event


Backend Link: https://live.xerobizz.com/home/login
Frontend Link: https://live.xerobizz.com/
Login as Admin
Username: admin@xerobizz.com
Password: 123456

Feel free to create your own demo account if you are willing to test this app with your Google My Business account. The easiest way to signup is signup using Google. Other users will not be able to login to your account. You can unlink your Google account after testing.

Server Requirements & Installation

  • PHP v7.0 to v7.3 & MySQL v5.x
  • Make sure curl is enabled , mbstring is enabled, set_time_out is enabled , safe_mode is off, allow_url_fopen=1 and mysqli support is on.
  • Make sure Apache server’s mod rewrite is enabled.

Your domain must have https to use BizzFair features.

[Note: If you get “404 page not found” error then make AllowOverride in your virtual host.]

For better performance set php max_execution_time, mysql connect_timeout, mysql wait_timeout , max_allowed_packet , max_connections to long limit possible, so that your server can process script for long time if needed.

For fast loading, we recommend to enable GZIP Compression on your server (Most server enable it by default)


Want to know more? READ OUR DOCUMENTATION.

Google App Creation & Verification


Change Log:

V1.1 - 15th April 2020

- RSS auto posting feature added.
- Media upload to location feature added.
- Some minor fixes.

V1.0.2 - 24th March 2020

- Typo issue in front end fix.

V1.0.1 - 24th March 2020

- Some static image link in front end issue fix.
- Typo issue in front end fix.

V1.0 - 16th March 2020

 - Initial Release
  • suneloy

    2 years ago

  • BuxRecord

    2 years ago

    Before I purchased XeroBizz, i already known my rate. I am you sure, you know why. Since EZ Inboxer (when i discover this amzing team of Xerone iT), Xerochat and XeroBizz, i never be disapointed by XerOne iT. Even today, if they release new produit, i will by with my eyes closing with no wory in my mind. All product are release as final, this means everything is perfect before come to public. More than that, XerOne iT is up to date, always up to date.

    I want to to thanks XerOne iT for their humanity, their great help, sentiments - ask me why?

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  • Is this product abandoned?

  • Hi, are you gonna update this app with the new official API?
    Google no longer use the GMB api so the app will not work.

  • Hello

    trying to test the demo, but keep giving forbidden? also, is there no saas version?

  • Hi,

    I followed your instructions to get the API approval before I buy the product. However, I got the following response from GMB:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thank you for your interest in the Google My Business API.

    We're currently only granting API access to companies in good standing who work with clients to manage their business location data. Applicants must also meet minimum feature requirements and product guidelines. You haven't met our requirements at this time.

    However, we'll retain your application in the event our guidelines change so there's no need to resubmit.

    Thank you and please stay tuned to our Geo Developers blog for the latest updates.


    The Google My Business API team

    • surya2015

      1 year ago

      I'm getting the same response. Can you please tell me if this issue is resolved and if yes then how?

  • Hi.
    I'm trying to buy Google My Business Management Software and I'm not getting it, it appears as inactive.

  • Can you update demo to latest version ? I want to test RSS feed feature

  • Hi,
    How many days will google take to approve the app?

  • Does this software support Google location information management? such as business hours, etc.

  • Hello,
    I've a question about Xerobiz white label.
    In demo site, i saw xerobiz after upload/ in the upload URL (https://live.xerobizz.com/upload/xerobiz/*********).

    Can you change it?

  • Hello, your script has functions similar to https://mapify360.com ?

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