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Flow Builder : Visual Drag & Drop Facebook Chatbot Builder – A ChatPion Add-on
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ChatPion flow builder is a visual drag & drop Facebook Messenger Chat builder . It’s a must have ChatPion add-on. Flow builder make BOT building super easy with drag & drop features. You can easily visualize everything in one place.

ChatPion flow builder will provide you an overall view of the whole interaction process of building chatbot. In one word, it is such a graphical editor where you can control all of the messages, actions, and interactions among them.
You can accomplish the whole process of building your bot on the single graphical editor, without moving to and fro. Simply put, the add-on makes your bot building process pretty simple and quite fast.

Most importantly, on the flow builder, you can easily feel the senses of your all messages.
True, we have developed the add-on with great care, passion, love, and dedication to make it most efficient, robust, and user-friendly. The moment you start using the add-on, you will notice the efficiency of the add-on, we guarantee.

UPDATE* Flowbuilder now have feature to set conditions and rules based on variables, custom fields , gender etc. Now your bot is able to target and reply in a more convenient way.

Key Features:

  • Drag & drop easy bot creating
  • No coding required
  • Visualize everything easily
  • Re-arrange all components by one click
  • Zoom-in-out
  • Delete element/component on canvas easily
  • Clone component
  • Hide sidebar to increase editor space
  • Component show by right click
  • Live data display of each component
  • Reply edit by double click
  • Add Quick Reply with all reply template
  • Delay & Typing on setup for reply
  • Use each flow as a Postback also
  • Multiple Trigger in one flow campaign

Change Log

v1.6.8 22nd November 2021

- User Input Flow & Messenger Engagement add-on support.
- Minor fixes.

v1.6.7 (auto update only)

v1.6.6 28th August 2021

- adding dynamic labels
- Support for Instagram Chatbot add-on
- Make flow builder multi-lingual
- Add input field for taking file url
- During campaign edit remains the messenger bot and postback table id same for the previous postbacks.
- button can receive multiple connections

v1.6.2 - v1.6.5 (auto update only)

v1.6.1 - 2nd June 2021

- Add condition module
- Add custom variables as spin-texts
- Fix generating new postback unique ID
- Hide clone menu from new postback context menu
- Change relative media url path to full path
- Fix new postback duplicate ID
- Emoji issue in flow builder campaign edit fix.

v1.2 - v1.6 (only auto-update available)

v1.0.1 - 18th March 2021

-Error message show correctly.

v1.0 - 15th March 2021

-Initial release
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  • Hello Team,
    How many more Facebook app permissions I have to request if I buy this addon to use.
    (I already bought ChatPion)

    • ranzu84 Team

      8 days ago

      To use the ChatPion Flow Builder add-on, you don't need any new permission. ChatPion Flow Builder is the easiest way to create a messenger bot. Thanks

  • Hi team

    Asking for a request here

    1.can you add tracking click on a post back on flow builder

    So we can knowing how many button are clicked (total click and percentage)

    From the first button to last button
    So we can known the CTR of the button which button most clicked or not clicked
    This has been implemented by manychat/chatfuel

    And another request is can you make an Insight or analitycs of Instagram detail data on a single dashboard

    Like how many followers, media, mentioned, tagged

    Total message, posts, etc

    Thanks so much if you can implementation this

    • ranzu84 Team

      2 months ago

      Any feature that you want to see on XeroChat or in any Add-ons please make a request through the Feature Request Options. You can find the Feature Request on the footer of our site.

  • Hello team, thanks for adding conditional feature to Flow builder, and I have New suggestions, :

    1/ GIF élément or improvement on image élément that let open a popup to search ans insert gif image from giphy.com

    2/ if is it possible to add the default navbar of xerochat on the flowbuilder screen

    3/ feauture that let connect back a button / Quick Replay with previous élément

    4/ let New post back element accept more than 1 connection, i mean is to make possible multiple buttons from deffirent Replay to connect to the same New post back element

  • Hello , xero team, there is some bugs and functions are missed on the current visual flow, for exemple in user input élément/ ans e-commerce , i Can not relie and add New post to continue building the Flow, for exemple After user input Flow submitted by subscriber, i want to show him extra text with buttons, but i can not do this with current flow thé élément dont have next path, to relie New post , dame thing on e-commerce, Aldo still i Can not relie multiple Burton to thé same postback or element

  • Hello.
    When do you release the latest update?
    Greetings and excellent work

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      7 months ago

      We are working on few more updates like action buttons integration ex : Get Started Button, No Match Template etc. Also Sequence Campaign creation directly from flow builder is also on development . We are expecting to release very soon but don't have exact date to release yet. Stay tuned !


  • I like this add-on but current I am out of town till weekend please can you reserved my discount till next weekend please.

  • I want to by the ultimate add on bundle...does it mean I have to log on with the envato account I buy xerochat with before I can get the bundle? Please reply.

  • Just checking, before I can buy this flow builder, I must first buy a licence with Envato? Is this correct?

  • how i can buy it ?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      8 months ago

      Please try by logout & then login again in our website providing all the access that asked from Envato Login to fetch your purchase with us , then it must work .

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