v1.0 Group Posting Tools : A FREE ChatPion Add-On
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This add-on will enable posting to Facebook groups. Please remember that, you can only post to groups you have admin role.


Go to the menu System > Settings and then click "Change Settings" of "General" section. Then enable group posting from Facebook Poster section.

Now, group posting has been enabled. Go to the menu Facebook Poster and choose your posting tools. You will now find option to post in your Facebook groups.

You can only post to groups you have admin role. You must need to install app in your Facebook group after your Facebook App is approved for group posting & in live mode : click here to learn more

Change Log

v1.0 – 28th September 2019

- Initial release

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  • good day
    When it becomes possible to post automatically to groups with the WordPress & YouTube Feed Add-on Auto Post To Social Media: A ChatPion Add-On

  • my license code always failed it said already used, please advise

    • ranzu84 Team

      2 years ago

      Please open a ticket to our support team. We will be glad to solve the problem. Thanks

  • Hello, I can't find my app in Group Apps search. How to resolve it? Thank you!

  • Are you planning on updating this script? I wish I could edit, cancel or change scheduled posts but I currently can't.

  • Can I post to groups am not admin?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      2 years ago

      Sorry for late response. No you can't . You can post to groups where you are admin.

  • Hello XeroneIT,

    i just now purchased four products

    1 XeroChat main multichannel SaaS
    2 XeroVidd
    3 Email and SMS Drip Sequence Campaigner
    4 Comment Reply Enhancer

    Could have purchased more but budget is tight.


    Please help to download the FREE Group Posting Tool. The system is telling me that I have already claimed it when in fact I have not yet downloaded the free group posting tool add on. I can't download it from your website or from my laptop fb messenger..

  • Comprei um sistema de vocês preciso de suporte para coloca-lo para funcionar, preciso de ajuda, tem como vocês entra no sistema e fazer essa instalação para mim, eu pago

  • i have all permission aproved for group post
    but why if i posted to group always noted as spam by facebook

    i am post to my own goup and just say hi

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      If you post get spam, First of all Appeal for it from notification click. Tell them that it's not spam. If it's not anything violating then Facebook review will turn it back again very soon.

      Secondly, during posting in group, try to post good content. Not like test , testing or hi etc. Try to post full message content as you post for your group members.

      It's a Facebook filter system which may catch post as Spam. Sometimes it's may mistake of the Facebook filtration system also.

  • In your tutorial at https://xeroneit.net/blog/xerochat-group-posting-app-approval-instruction you write
    App Verification Details

    Please create a reviewer account in your XeroChat application with proper package access and give that account access to the reviewer team. Also create a test user in your Facebook app and select that test user in app verification section. Demo content below

    But you don't show that Facebook Test User part in the video ....
    so do i need to add a test user and where in the review do i have to add that user ?

    • GermanHero2

      3 years ago

      Thats clear... i'am talking about that phrase

      Also create a test user in your Facebook app and select that test user in app verification section. Demo content below

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Skip this phrase "Also create a test user in your Facebook app and select that test user in app verification section." & follow the video instruction.

      We will remove that phrase soon as it's mistakenly there.

  • Hello,

    Thanks and blessed Team.

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