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JSON API Connector - A Bot Inboxer Add-on : Integrate Zapier or Any Other Custom Script
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JSON API connector sends JSON data to any of your provided external URL. Once any specific event mentioned below is triggered, system will send json data to your provided webhook URL & it will wait for 10 second to get response. If system does not get response in 10 seconds, it will send another post request to your webhook. You can then process your data as you want. This feature can be used to connect our system with any third party app like Zapier or your own custom app.

Live Demo

Demo Link: https://inboxer.xeroneit.net/home/login_page
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Username: admin@xeroneit.net
Password: 123456


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Change Log

21st April 2019 : v1.1

New: Trigger with specific postback selection

24rd March 2019 : v1.0

- Initial release
  • aifabio

    5 months ago
    design quality


  • BuxRecord

    5 months ago
    design quality

    Thanks you so much

    • alaminjwel

      5 months ago

      You are welcome :)

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  • Would be great if you provide interfaces Lists of Captured data (tables/json_decode) from JSON API Connector

    • JFOC

      4 months ago

      The data will look like.
      Presenting the captured data inside ez inboxer.
      Currently inside ezinboxer, the data still in encoded json.
      I know it might be useless for developer, but for enduser will be useful.

      If its not in your plan, am I allowed to create a plugin for presenting JSON data and sell the plugin?

    • JFOC

      4 months ago

      Thank you :)

      and if you have time might be want to add a postback id selection instead of all postback :D

  • Is the connector can be triggered using a postback?

    • aifabio

      4 months ago

      yes, every time it triggers, then just treat it in your webhook

  • is going a new update with postback selection?

  • Hi,
    i think we need 2 additional features.

    1. trigger the connector with text input and regular expression or is it possible?

    2. send the message text as data

    • paidmax

      4 months ago

      will there be an update on this in future? i think
      regex matching is a good feature for this addon because of eMail matching or something else.

      even the message text is good because this connector addon
      is for dynamic purposes THIS must have to deliver dynamic content
      to users.

      One of the next features should also be a json parser so we can
      send data to a webhook and reply with facebook templates.

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      4 months ago

      Thanks for your suggestion.

      It would be great if you can submit your idea in our feature request form https://xeroneit.net/user/feature_request

      Give details description as much possible, process or strategy, Any example if you know. Any link or video etc. So our team can check it in future .


  • thanks for the postback update.

    the file in the download area is updated yet?

    • JFOC

      4 months ago


      the trigger based on Postback ID, when in the postback template, for example there is user interaction like a 'text with button' and the button in it may be more than one button. What data we will get? Button text, button type, button value?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      4 months ago

      You will get the button postback id . Every postback button has their unique id .

    • JFOC

      4 months ago

      sorry bit confuse.
      template postback id = my-call
      inside the template there is text with button:
      button A (button type is URL)
      button B (button type is Post-Back)
      button C (button type is Call Us)

      when triggered the selected postback, then user click button C, will send the my-call or button A and button B and button C?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      4 months ago

      Nothing will be triggered as he click on call-us button, not any postback button you set for.

    • JFOC

      4 months ago

      so it won't trigger if press A or C, only trigger when pressing B?

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