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Messenger Bot Analytics- A Bot Inboxer Add-on
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Messenger Bot Analytics is a very effective Bot Inboxer (standalone or addon) add-on that can display your complete page’s bot analytics graphically in terms of messaging conversation, new conversations, active conversations, blocked conversations, reported conversations etc. This add-on displays live analytics data of your page every time you see the result. Now you will know how many connections your page has and how many active conversations your page has day to day. Have an overall picture about the content you sent to people in terms of reports and blocks.

Key Features:

  • Messaging Connections
  • Daily Unique New Conversations
  • Daily Active Conversations
  • Daily Unique Blocked Conversations
  • Daily Unique Reported Conversations
  • Daily Unique Reported Conversations by Type
  • Daily Unique Reported Vs Blocked Conversations
  • Unlimited Page & Module Based Access Control


Want to know more about Messenger Bot Analytics? Please read our Documentation

This add-on requires read_insights app permission

Live Demo

Demo Link: https://inboxer.xeroneit.net/home/login_page
Login as Admin
Username: admin@xeroneit.net
Password: 123456


Change Log

v1.0 - 20th April 2019

- Initial release
  • BuxRecord

    3 months ago
    design quality

    Excellent job XERONEIT TEAM. Thanks for this great tools. I always impatient to see new features and new EZ Inboxer modules to impowered our app. Let me tell you that it is best like that time to time release new addons. This help us encouraged our users, and they start trusting in us, because our platform going better and better.

  • aifabio

    4 months ago
    design quality

    Each time evolved more congratulations!

    • alaminjwel

      4 months ago

      The pleasure is ours :)

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