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  • Teurn

    1 month ago

    Can client submit their business location and verified in this app? If not can you add it? Or where we can verify it with sms code?
    My client don't have business location on google map yet and he need. But i verified it for them on google my business and it send code by postcode that spend alot of time . Some time it not get.
    It so hard for apply

    • QuailAdvertising

      29 days ago

      Hey Teurn, I just thought I'd help answer your question. To verify your business on Google you have to do it inside of the Google My Business account. The only ways are Postcard, Phone, and Email, but to verify by phone this option isn’t available to everyone from the start. For Email verify
      the business has to be eligible if it is you’ll see the “Verify by email” option when you start the verification process.

      As Google states, if your site is already verified in Google Search Console, then you’re qualified for instant verification. But in practice, this option isn’t available to every business verified by GSC.

      Actually, it’s an issue of how much trust Google can have in a business. If you own a new business or one that barely has any online presence, it’s unlikely that you can get your business verified instantly. In such cases, sending the postcard is the best way for Google to check your business.

      Hope this answers your question or helps you out some.

    • Teurn

      29 days ago

      I have verified my business for 3 months ago til now i not get any postcard from google. It so hard for verify

    • Teurn

      28 days ago

      Everything is hard for verification business location ? with postcard for us in our country ? we don't have sms verification and email verification ?. Any option to verify please post blog guide for us in xeroneit.net?

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