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  • Any plans to add Twilio API so users can send out a text message and request a review from their customer. Something like, user logs in and clicks customers in the sidebar menu, it will pull a list of customers they have added, they then select the customer they want to send a text message to and they can select from a template dropdown menu for the message that will go out. Or they can create the message from scratch. The message that goes out will have a link to the Google Review box where they can leave a review. This link would also use a url shortner and the Google Review link is pretty long.

    • Thanks for your suggestion. It's sound great.

      However to send Message , we have already a well designed system with a lot of other marketing tools called XeroChat, you can use XeroChat for this purpose.

    • Yes, I have that product also. I was looking for a system that would pull in the customer's Google Reviews and they could also keep their Google My Business info up to date all from the same system. May I ask do you offer custom work? I have bought a few scripts on codecanyon and they are SaaS, but they don't quite do what's needed. One works really well but missing a few things. And I have to say, I have been buying Scripts, Sites, etc. from codecanyon since 2009, and Xerone IT has the best looking UX and UI design I have seen so far.

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