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  • iDavi

    2 years ago

    Did this get added into the release as a month ago it was said it would be in the next release?

    a way to redirect the user to a thank you page or an external URL after registering, it is vital to strategize with this form

    Also when is double optin optin going to be added as this is a CAN SPAM compliance issue?

    It has been 20 days with no reply to this question here.

    Please Update this add-on and add auto-responder so that we can send email and SMS to users that submit there details immediately that submit there details

    It has been 1 month with no reply to this question here

    Since it is possible to add backgrounds to the forms, it is necessary to be able to add styles to the texts, so that they look good according to the background image that we choose

    Please advise.

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      2 years ago

      1. Redirect url after submitting form has been added.

      2. Double optin not available but have plan. But don't have ETA at this time.

      3. Auto Responder option can be utilized by setting up Email Sequence in the form creation though it will go after 30 minutes. In future update we will give 1 minutes option to send immediately.

      4. Currently not in our plan, we will think about that of styling in future.

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