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  • paidmax

    3 months ago

    i think we need 2 additional features.

    1. trigger the connector with text input and regular expression or is it possible?

    2. send the message text as data

    • paidmax

      2 months ago

      will there be an update on this in future? i think
      regex matching is a good feature for this addon because of eMail matching or something else.

      even the message text is good because this connector addon
      is for dynamic purposes THIS must have to deliver dynamic content
      to users.

      One of the next features should also be a json parser so we can
      send data to a webhook and reply with facebook templates.

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      2 months ago

      Thanks for your suggestion.

      It would be great if you can submit your idea in our feature request form https://xeroneit.net/user/feature_request

      Give details description as much possible, process or strategy, Any example if you know. Any link or video etc. So our team can check it in future .


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