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  • eyvann

    22 days ago

    "The thing is, we can only use buttons with a generic template and with a carousel. When creating the bot using a classic editor, select the reply type as a generic template. In the generic template, there is a button. Select the button type as email or phone and put a Button Text."

    yes i see, but seem some bug here
    when i try to collecting leads like phone or email

    it just working fine
    but has some bug

    when leads has giving the phone/email
    the form still appear
    it must be closed mannualy

    also when i activated mention reply
    it keep reply the bot like thanks for mentioning me

    its like this
    Account A has activated mention reply

    then Account A come to message Account B
    all reply from Account B was triggered to mention Account A


    all reply from account B was acting like mentioning Account A
    so account A keep reply thanks mention me, again and again

    this can be bad
    if acount B has activating the no match reply on the DM bot

    then this will not stoping replying each other
    probably get banned from instagram and crushing my DM

    need to fix it asap


    • ranzu84 Team

      17 days ago

      Please open a ticket to the support team. We will be happy to assist with your problems.

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