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  • eyvann

    22 days ago

    Hi team

    Asking for a request here

    1.can you add tracking click on a post back on flow builder

    So we can knowing how many button are clicked (total click and percentage)

    From the first button to last button
    So we can known the CTR of the button which button most clicked or not clicked
    This has been implemented by manychat/chatfuel

    And another request is can you make an Insight or analitycs of Instagram detail data on a single dashboard

    Like how many followers, media, mentioned, tagged

    Total message, posts, etc

    Thanks so much if you can implementation this

    • ranzu84 Team

      18 days ago

      Any feature that you want to see on XeroChat or in any Add-ons please make a request through the Feature Request Options. You can find the Feature Request on the footer of our site.

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