v1.0 Team Member Manager: A ChatPion Add-On
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ChatPion Team Manager Add-on is a very useful add-on for those who can't manage their activity on their own. With Team Manager Add-on you can add teams as needed, assigning them specific tasks based on the permissions granted. This approach ensures efficient and effective platform management, allowing different teams to handle distinct responsibilities.
Each team member's access is determined by the permissions granted. This ensures an overall controlled system, where team members can access only necessary features.

In ChatPion Team Manager Add-on there are two options:

Team Role: A team role means the specific duties assigned to each team involved in managing different tasks. A team can have multiple members. And all of those members can access all the specific tasks that were assigned to that team. Because of this structure, team members may work together to manage and complete the duties assigned to them as a group. It guarantees smooth cooperation.

Team Member: Team members are specialized individuals who have access to a variety of features to the platform. Each team member will have access to features according to their team.

So in short, in the Team Manager Add-on you can make Teams for specific tasks and those tasks are the role for that team hence it’s called Team Role. And in that team, you can add many team members who will have the duties according to their team. For example, if you want a team to handle live chat functionality, you can create a team role for live chat and then create team members and assign them to this specific team role. You can also add team members to multiple team roles if needed.
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  • Please write a complete documentation, we aren't a fortune teller to know how your addons and updates works.
    You didn't mention that there's other login URL for a new team member this isn't good.

    • RyanMelo

      1 month ago

      Write the login URL for new team member here.

    • ahmeddhado

      2 months ago

      I want a PayPal account to transfer the amount to to buy the add-on Team Member Manager) and I have a discount coupon
      Please what is the amount to be transferred?

  • How can this be used? There is no explanation or anything

  • Does the chat round robin is available here. You can assign customer chat?

  • Hello, before I buy this tool, I have a question
    Do I have to update the program I have to the latest version for this tool to work?
    Or can I use it in the version I have? The version I have is v8.8

    • miraz Team

      4 months ago

      You need to use version 9.0 or more. Thanks.

  • Only modules permissions, don't have system and subscription permissions like

    Connect Accounts,
    API channels,
    Cron Job
    Language Editor
    Add-on Manager
    Theme manager
    Blog manager
    Menu manager
    Check Update

    Package Manager
    User Manager
    Earning summary
    Transaction Log

    • scvpl

      4 months ago

      So it means the one feature that was added through add-on is also not worth using..

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