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  • Dear author,

    Thank you for your effort.

    However I faced rejection on app submission:

    Developer Policy 1.9 - Build a Quality Product
    We determined that your app's use case for the requested permission or feature is invalid or is not needed to support its core functionality.
    Your app should only request for permissions and features that help enhance the experience for your business and the end user. Please resolve this issue by removing or revising your app content for compliance before submitting for review.
    If you believe your use case is valid, please submit a revised screencast or notes that explain the following items:
    1. Which functionality of your app requires the permission or feature.
    2. How the permission or feature will enhance your app's functionality and how the integration functions.
    3. How the permission or feature will enhance end user's experience.
    Visit our App Review Rejection Guide to learn more.

    I followed exactly the demo screencast and record with my own installation (own URL, own logo, own credential.....etc)
    What can I do?

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