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E-commerce Product Price Variation : A ChatPion Add-on
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ChatPion has recently introduced an add on called ‘E-commerce Product Price Variation’. This add-on will work for ‘E-commerce in messenger’. When the add-on is added to ChatPion , you can set different prices for different attributes of the same product. For example, you can set different prices for small, medium, and large sizes of the same burger.

When a client changes the attribute of the same product, the price would automatically be changed. For example, if a client changes a barger size from small to medium, the price will automatically be changed. That is, the price will vary for different attributes of the same product.

E-commerce Product Price Variation
E-commerce Product Price Variation
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  • i hope this add-on have ability for stocks Variation. example if you sell t-shirt and you have size variation you can put some stocks variation for specific size.

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