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Visual Flow Builder Insight : A ChatPion Add-On
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Flow Builder Insight is a very useful Add-ons of ChatPion. You may wonder to know the performance of our bots. You may want to know which bots or parts of the bots work better than the other ones.

To know more precisely how your bots or parts of the bots are working, you can take the help of this Flow Builder Insight add-on. This is a very simple but very powerful add-on of ChatPion. 

Each message has a counter for sent times, delivery percentage, number of subscribers. You can check the insight on the messenger bot.


Also in the button components, you can see the number of clicks, number of subscribers, and also error if there is any.


Based on the insight you can now know which bot or parts of the bots are working perfectly. Just get the add-on and install it to know the insight of the bot.

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