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  • Uchechukwu33

    4 years ago

    Great job!

    But sincerely this is just like a half bread which is better than none

    This feature is not that so useful

    But i appreciate the efforts and time invested

    From the research level, development and to testing phase now

    Email & SMS drip campaign is 10× more important than these and should be on the top priority level pls

    As we all know

    It requires series of followups to close sales and one single message is never enough

    The drip campaign for 24hour promo doesn't give enough time for lead Nurturing

    Email drip campaigns is the solution for now and most chatbot platforms have it now
    With Automation features


    When creating drip campaign for email & sms

    Give the possibility to add or remove a user based on tags/labels and subcribe a user to another drip campaign based on label

    This is the feature xerochat needs more than anything

    I recommend you release that feature as an addon

    We are Ready to buy

    The earlier the better

    Thank you

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      4 years ago

      Thanks for your suggestion, we appreciate it. We must think about it.


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