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  • katetan

    3 years ago

    Hi thank you very much, ecommerce function have improved a lot.
    Here are some suggestion after testing and also feedback from users who run ecommerce business to make ecommerce store even better.

    1) Can we choose to make some of the field as mandatory like telephone when customer fill in the address for check out? Because sometimes phone is needed for communication when shipping the product.

    2) Can we choose to upload multiple product image for one product? Because some product need to use multiple product to show all detail.

    3) https://prnt.sc/xy8rju
    Can we choose to hide the actual sale which display on product page?

    4) Can we make a close button for mobile slide up canva? Now we have no way to close. https://prnt.sc/xy8ydh

    5) Can we make a phone field when customer register? https://prnt.sc/xy93jt

    6) In real ecommerce case, some seller have to use different shipping company to ship difference product so it result different charge. Also shipping fee can be vary based on region, different weight and other condition. Now we can only set one fix shipping fee for whole store which is not flexible. So if we can set shipping fee for individual product instead of store-wise then would be more flexible.

    7) Many sellers have "buy more then free shipping" promotion method, it is very common to encourage customer to buy more quantity. For example, buy 1 quantity then shipping fee is USD3, if buy 2 and above free shipping. It is great if we can have this feature since it is quite common in eccomerce practise.

    8) In many real case now , ecommerce sellers use FB live streaming to sell product on facebook, seller have different promotion type. So they want customer add product to cart and create order. But seller want the option for that order only created and placed by customer, but not make payment yet. Because after order placed, seller need to check the order and calculate if there is any additional charge like shipping or additional discount for customer if they buy over certain amount etc. After checking, then seller will make the order confirm and adjust the order amount, add or delete products for customer if needed or make some note on the invoice or note for internal use etc, then at the end inform customer to make payment. So seller want to have the freedom to adjust everything including, shipping address, the invoice amount, product selected and eventually manually send msg to customer informing them to pay.

    In this case, customer will place order without going through any payment method.

    9) After shipping a product, system have to store shipping tracking number somewhere, it is great if we can have log for all addition information we sent. So the tracking number can also be stored for internal reference when we key in the addition info in "shipped" status. So able to inform customer tracking number, also we can refer to what info we have sent including tracking number etc. https://prnt.sc/xyaide

    Thank you =)

    Thanks you very much for your consideration =)

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