26th Jan 2020

E-commerce Store With XeroChat :

We know that E-commerce is the backbone to build business worldwide. By the way, Alongside all-powerful features of XeroChat has integrated today world's most powerful E-commerce platform to make your business more flexible.

This blog is to guide you on how you can integrate your E-commerce store inside Facebook Messenger with XeroChat.

Store Section:

Follow the below guideline which may help you to proceed:

  • First of all, go to Messenger Bot -> Messenger e-commerce store (Stores) menu to create your eCommerce store.

There are two options inside the form:

Store Information: Fill up all the required fields which is the basic information of your store.

Confirmation Message: This section contains the confirmation message when the checkout gets completed. SMS and Email Confirmation also available. So you can add SMS and Email confirmation on checkout completion. (img)

  • After creating a store, go to the Actions dropdown which is located at the top right corner. In the dropdown, you will find all the options regarding your shop. You can update the shop, add category, add attributes, etc.

  • Now go to the Categories menu from the dropdown. Add your store products categories from here by click on the Add Categories button. You can see all the category lists of your store here.

  • After adding categories, now go to Attributes menu from the Actions dropdown. Add your product attributes from here by click on the Add Attributes button. 

  • Now go to Products menu from the Actions dropdown to add your products. Click on Add Products button and you’ll see the product info form for adding product. Fillup the all required information about your product.

  • Now go to copy url menu from the dropdown to see urls which will be used in your messenger bot settings for bot reply.

  • Store url: All the store urls will be shown here with the categories.
  • Order url: Here order ulr will be shown.
  • Product url: All of your added products url will be shown here.

Now you have to set Messenger bot for Ecommerce store action.

N.B: You have to create bot as webview otherwise your copied url from E-commerce store will not work.

Payment Section:

Now go to Messenger Bot -> Messenger e-commerce store (Payment Accounts) menu to set up your payment system.

Now you’re completely set to start selling from your ecommerce store through facebook messenger with XeroChat

Full Demo Video :

Quick Demo Video: 

You can also create Restaurant Food Ordering system inside Facebook Messenger with XeroChat. Check the below video about how to create Food Ordering system with XeroChat

Enjoy all the awesome features of XeroChat.

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  • Is there a way to have attributes to have a different value. Example
    Each attribute has a different purchase amount. Practical application
    User select pizza as categor.
    User then selects cheese pizza
    Cheese pizzza has three value points
    Small- $8
    Medium- $10
    Large- $12

  • Hello you are planning to add the variable or dynamic attributes function.
    Example: "sweater" product, attributes (color) red, green, yellow

    Now I want each color to have a different value, if a user chooses green the system displays the value 5 usd but if he chooses red and this has a 20% discount the system would display a value of 4.50 for example.

    All e-commerce platforms have this feature and it would be wonderful if xerochat also added it, as this is a much-needed feature to be competitive as an e-commerce platform.

  • I need to insert products with a decimal price. Example 2.50 € how can I do?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      5 months ago

      You will be able to do it from next update. We will give the update by this week hopefully.

  • Already have an Facebook Store Catalog over the Facebook Business Manager. Can this Shop integrated or Imported?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      8 months ago

      No, You can't . It's for creating store external & then integrate with Messenger BOT.


  • HI team, please let us able to change the currency from $ to our local currency. Thank you

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      8 months ago

      Yes, You can change the currency of-course from payment settings.


  • hi,

    can we have dual pricing currency for each product?

  • Hi Team thanks for the great feature.

    May I ask :

    1) Can we modify the currency symbol from $ to our own currency? Else people will confused the product is selling in US dollor evertime

    2) Can we make shipping cost dynamic according to how many product are added to the cart?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      8 months ago

      1. All currency is now available in payment settings . You can set your own currency .

      2. Currently not available.


  • How to remove decimal and change format of price?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      8 months ago

      Currently there is no settings/option for change these. We will think about in future update.


    • katetan

      8 months ago

      This is quite important feature. Please kindly consider

  • 1. Is there a plan to use woocommerce as the main e-commerce system just like the custom e-commerce system you created And use it with "WC Abandoned Cart Recovery" ??

    2. Can i sell digital / downloadable products with this ecommerce system?

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      8 months ago

      Thanks for your suggestion. We will have a think about these in future hopefully.


  • Hi!
    I hope digital products and licensed key selling will be available too :)

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