26th Jan 2020

E-commerce Store With XeroChat :

We know that E-commerce is the backbone to build business worldwide. By the way, Alongside all-powerful features of XeroChat has integrated today world's most powerful E-commerce platform to make your business more flexible.

This blog is to guide you on how you can integrate your E-commerce store inside Facebook Messenger with XeroChat.

Store Section:

Follow the below guideline which may help you to proceed:

  • First of all, go to Messenger Bot -> Messenger e-commerce store (Stores) menu to create your eCommerce store.

There are two options inside the form:

Store Information: Fill up all the required fields which is the basic information of your store.

Confirmation Message: This section contains the confirmation message when the checkout gets completed. SMS and Email Confirmation also available. So you can add SMS and Email confirmation on checkout completion. (img)

  • After creating a store, go to the Actions dropdown which is located at the top right corner. In the dropdown, you will find all the options regarding your shop. You can update the shop, add category, add attributes, etc.

  • Now go to the Categories menu from the dropdown. Add your store products categories from here by click on the Add Categories button. You can see all the category lists of your store here.

  • After adding categories, now go to Attributes menu from the Actions dropdown. Add your product attributes from here by click on the Add Attributes button. 

  • Now go to Products menu from the Actions dropdown to add your products. Click on Add Products button and you’ll see the product info form for adding product. Fillup the all required information about your product.

  • Now go to copy url menu from the dropdown to see urls which will be used in your messenger bot settings for bot reply.

  • Store url: All the store urls will be shown here with the categories.
  • Order url: Here order ulr will be shown.
  • Product url: All of your added products url will be shown here.

Now you have to set Messenger bot for Ecommerce store action.

N.B: You have to create bot as webview otherwise your copied url from E-commerce store will not work.

Payment Section:

Now go to Messenger Bot -> Messenger e-commerce store (Payment Accounts) menu to set up your payment system.

Now you’re completely set to start selling from your ecommerce store through facebook messenger with XeroChat

Full Demo Video :

Quick Demo Video: 

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  • Thank a lot for this big update and free. Just found a little bug after clicking on «Create store» button. It appears in full screen. Please check here https://ibb.co/jyFFxP9 (click on image (+) to fully).

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      22 days ago

      Couldn't understand the issue actually. Please describe a bit more & highlight the screenshot where is the issue .


    • Bradi

      21 days ago

      I tried to reproduce this issue on some browsers:
      - No issue on Safari, Firefox Developer edition and Yandex
      - Issue on Chrome and Brave.
      PS: I've latest version for all browsers.
      Please check.

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      21 days ago

      Not sure actually, I just checked in my Chrome & naturally we use & test all case at the very first time on chrome always. So no problem in chrome in our end.

  • thank you guys for this effort , but regarding the currency , its not a matter of using manual payment , in my case i dont use any online payment , only COD but all store currency is shown in USD or currency of limited choices , i need to make sore currency to be show as our local currency regardless to the payment option

    • esrour

      22 days ago

      as well as to modified the currency symbol in the invoice .

    • rcmsoluciones

      22 days ago

      I agree, it is also important to have the currency symbology even the option to put or remove the decimals to the coins

  • Thank you xeroneit team, this is a really great update!

    Since each store has a unique logo, can you let the store owners choose their prefered colour for the store ?

  • I want to improve the Spanish language in the store which files I must modify.

    Thank you

  • stock control is missing

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      22 days ago

      Yes, It's not in our current goal. However we will think about inventory management in future .


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