12th Nov 2023

In the world of software business, licensing plays a crucial role in determining how a product can be used. Today, Facebook and Instagram marketing are at the top of the e-commerce business. So we bring you an awesome e-commerce marketing tool for Facebook and Instagram marketing ChatPion.

ChatPion offers two types of licenses: regular and extended. These licenses are part of a self-hosted white label multiuser SaaS system, which allows both the purchaser and their users to utilize the software. 

Understanding the differences between these licenses and the potential for white-label business can be a game-changer for your business. In this article, we'll dive into these licensing options and the benefits they offer.

Regular License: Ideal for Personal Use and Team Collaboration

The Regular license is designed for those who wish to use the software for personal use and their team members. It's a great option for those who want to use it personally. If you intend to leverage this powerful chatbot system for in-house projects or collaborative endeavors within your team, the Regular License is a perfect fit.

Extended License: Seize the Opportunity for White-Label Business

The Extended license, on the other hand, opens up exciting possibilities. It allows you to not only use ChatPion but also to resell and establish a white-label business using this chatbot service.

This means you can charge a fee to your end users, be it on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis, depending on your chosen business model.

If you wish to monetize your service and tap into the expanding market for interactive communication channels between businesses and their customers, the Extended License is the way to go.

Start a white label business with ChatPion extended license

Start a white label business with ChatPion extended license

Starting a white-label business with ChatPion means you'll be reselling our chatbot services by purchasing our extended license package. This sector is expanding rapidly due to the rising need for interactive communication channels between businesses and their customers.

By applying a white-label to ChatPion, you're able to swiftly cater to your clients' requirements. This strategy enables you to evolve from merely being a customer to becoming a proprietor.

Moreover, by offering ChatPion as a white label solution, you can seamlessly integrate it into your own brand and customize it to align with your unique business identity. This not only enhances your clients' experience but also positions you as a trusted provider in the market, giving you the opportunity to expand your offerings and increase your revenue streams.

Why Choose ChatPion for Your White Label Business?

ChatPion offers a robust platform not only for chatbot solutions but also a full-fledged digital marketing tool, and by becoming a reseller, you can leverage our expertise. This approach not only allows you to provide high-quality chatbot services but also transition from being a client to the owner of a thriving business.

ChatPion's extended license provides the opportunity to offer a personalized and unique experience, enhancing the value of your offering. This customization capability sets you apart from competitors and enables you to deliver a highly profitable chatbot solution.

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Add-Ons for Enhanced Capabilities

In addition to these licenses, there are also Add-ons. These are separate and optional from the main item, and no license includes any add-ons by default. Each add-on needs to be purchased separately. An extended license user who’s doing reselling business can purchase these Add-ons to enhance his platform.

Benefits of chatbot marketing

Benefits of chatbot marketing

According to Outgrow, 58% of B2B companie’s websites already utilize chatbots. These businesses are benefiting from a number of things, including a 30% drop in operational costs, revenue growth of up to 67%, and a possibility of higher lead generation of 55%.

Chatbots offer numerous benefits, including 24/7 availability, cost-efficiency, instant responses to customer queries, personalized recommendations, scalability, lead generation, data collection, automated marketing, customer engagement, reduced cart abandonment.

They provide immediate support, reduce waiting times, and offer personalized recommendations. Chatbots can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, collect user information, and automate marketing campaigns.

Chatbots can be integrated with various messaging platforms and websites, allowing businesses to meet customers where they are. Overall, chatbots can enhance the customer experience and loyalty.

That’s where ChatPion come in handy. You can grab this whole market by offering businesses your customized version of Chatpion. All you have to do is just hire a developer who can customize and do branding for you in ChatPion. 

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Choose the Right License for Your Business

The choice between ChatPion's Regular License and Extended License depends on the user's goals and intentions. The Regular License is suitable for personal use, while the Extended License opens up opportunities for reselling and starting a white-label business.

Both licenses come with their own benefits and allow users to leverage ChatPion's powerful platform to meet their specific needs.

Whether you're looking to use ChatPion for personal purposes or build a business around it, there's a license option that suits your requirements.

In summary, ChatPion's licensing options open doors to a world of possibilities, whether you're seeking personal use or planning to venture into the lucrative white-label business of chatbot services. As the chatbot market continues to expand, your choice of license can be a pivotal factor in shaping your success in the software industry.

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