6th Feb 2020

Some Important Update Regarding New API Changes of Facebook:

Right now ChatPion is actually not an application that depends on Facebook only anymore. It's becoming an All-in-one marketing solutions platform.

However, regarding the feature of Facebook, let me give you an idea which is going to be affected.

Affected Features :

Main ChatPion

  • Conversation Broadcast : This feature is going to be stopped after 30th June 2020 for all old Facebook APP.
    For the new Facebook APP version is 6.0, Conversation broadcasting feature will not work for them from now.

Update ( 11.03.2020 ) : Conversation Broadcasting also need to be followed the rule of Messenger policy of 24 hours window. So after 24 hour window Conversation API also can't send Message. Due to this changes, we will remove this Conversation Broadcasting feature from next update.

Messenger Enhancers Add-on :

  • Subscription Messaging Deprecation: It's actually already announced before many days. It will be removed from 4th March, 2020.

There are no other effects. Everything will work as it is now with the current changes of Facebook API.

New : 

We are doing research on it to implement this feature in a best way as soon as possible in the future.

However, in this meantime, you can see how to request for "One Time Notification Permission" in Facebook Page.

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  • So no more text-only promo messages after 24h using Conversation Broadcast with XeroChat? :(

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Yes, Unfortunately Conversation Broadcasting API has been deprecated.

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