17th Feb 2021

Here are some FAQ of IniBazar may help you to understand better about this software :

What’s the difference between ChatPion & IniBazar ?

ChatPion is an all in one software with a lot of features including Facebook Messenger BOT, Facebook Comment BOT, E-Commerce, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media posting , Instagram Posting , Instagram Comment BOT & more.

Where IniBazar is developed with only Instagram Marketing features including Instagram Posting & Comment BOT. This software is specially designed for Instagram only.

If you are a serious marketer who wants all in features in one platform, then ChatPion is the best choice.
But there are some people who want to keep things separated or only want Instagram features. For this case IniBazar is good choice.

No doubt ChatPion is far robust, powerful & with bunch of features. We always recommend to get ChatPion.  But sometimes you may not want to keep all the stuff in one place to reduce the complexity. In this case you can choose IniBazar as simple solution for Instagram Marketing.

Is Facebook APP approval needed for IniBazar ?

No, Facebook APP for IniBazar doesn’t need any approval for your own use. If you want to use IniBazar by you or a small set of users you know, then IniBazar can be used without going through any app approval process.

The admin of the Facebook app can import his account just by clicking 'Login with Facebook' button.  Then, if you want to give some other users access to use the system, you can make their Facebook ID as tester for your Facebook app. Read details here how to add tester of Facebook app.

This way you will not need to go through any approval process & can use IniBazar right after the purchase smoothly. It’s another reason to build IniBazar separately with Instagram features to reduce complexity of app approval for customers who want to use Instagram features & also don’t want to go for APP approval process.

However if you are building SaaS business (Need Extended License) , in this case there are two options available.

1. Go for app approval (Strongly recommended)
2. Give option to setup own APP by each of your users. In this way each user can add their own Facebook APP & import their account & doesn't need approval.

Is IniBazar legal & follows rules of Instagram?

Yes, IniBazar is built with official API of Facebook. Everything is built by following Instagram TOS.

Do I need to use Proxy?

No, IniBazar is fully built with Official API of Facebook. No proxy required.

I have ChatPion already, should I buy IniBazar?

ChatPion with an add-on has all the features that available in IniBazar. So for your personal use case you don’t need to buy IniBazar if you have ChatPion.

However if you want build SaaS business, in this case you may go for IniBazar beside ChatPion also as optional.
There are few reasons behind it. An important thing is, when you will promote your ChatPion service which has a lot of features, it’s bit difficult to design your landing page to highlight all these features in details. All the features of ChatPion has its own value. So highlighting any features of them is bit hard on sales page. You may go for All-in-one software title.  Besides ChatPion, you may also think about building another SaaS business with Instagram Marketing features only. So you can highlight all Instagram features with proper explanation in the sales page. Also it will help for SEO for Instagram keywords.

If you have question, please feel free to comment below :)

Best Regards
Konok, CEO, Xerone IT

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