28th Sep 2020

Great news!

You know by default ChatPion supports Twillo, Nexmo, Clickatell, Plivo & some other SMS gateway.

However for global pricing variation for sending SMS , you may need to add your local SMS gateway provider .

It's quite impossible to add each individual API in reality by us actually.

But as a solution we have implemented a system where you can add any HTTP POST  Request API for sending SMS.

We are gladly announcing that from now you can use your preferable SMS gateway on ChatPion , which supports HTTP POST Request for message sending. Only thing you have to do is to create a Custom SMS API [POST] using ChatPion. Don’t worry. It is too easy, just follow these steps.

# Step 1

Go to the SMS API settings . Click on the Add New API button.

# Step 2

  Then click on the Add Custom Sms API [POST] button.

# Step 3

 Fill the API name and Base url fields.

For the Base url  field please put url ( must be with http or https ) that is functional for sending message and must be for HTTP POST request.

# Step 4

You can also add new parameter for custom sms post api.

# Step 5

Now click the “Test response” button. It will call the url, you just provided, and show you the response of sending message using that url and the provided post parameter .The parameter is included with key, type and value.

Keep the parameter type unchanged which are Fixed for your new custom post API. You can add the value as your need.You just have to change the parameter type for Destination Number and Message Content .The parameter must have the Destination Number and Message Content.

# Step 6

Now click the Save button. That’s all. You just have created a custom SMS API [POST] on ChatPion for sending sms.

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