13th Aug 2023

Telegram is slowly becoming a popular messaging platform, and many users love its security and its various features, including creating Telegram groups and channels. One of the standout features of Telegram is the ability to create and interact with bots. Telegram, with its feature-rich interface and extensive capabilities, has emerged as a popular choice for connecting and engaging with communities. One of the key reasons behind its success is the ability to create and integrate bots into Telegram chats, enabling automated interactions and expanding the platform's functionality.

How to create a Telegram Group Manager & how it works: Take control of your Telegram group like never before with Telegram Bot Integration. Our powerful feature empowers you to automate group management tasks. With BotSailor, you can ensure a streamlined and engaging group experience while saving time and effort. Elevate your group management game with Telegram Bot Integration and enjoy a hassle-free and thriving community. Now, let’s see how to create group manager in telegram.

Create a Telegram Bot & Connect to Botsailor: Firstly, Open Telegram and search for the "BotFather" bot. Start a chat with BotFather and use the /newbot command to create a new Telegram bot. Then connect it to Botsailor. We have a different blog on "How to create a Telegram bot and connect it to BotSailor".  If you haven't created a bot and connected it to BotSailor yet, please take a moment to go through this blog.

Create a new group in Telegram: First, open the Telegram app and tap on the "Menu" located at the top-left corner. In the menu, select "New Group." Then choose the contacts you want to add to the group or you can search for their names or use the contact list. When you have selected the contacts, tap on the checkmark or "Next" button. Now, you can set a group name and an optional group photo. Tap on the pencil icon to enter a group name and the camera icon to set a group photo. Let’s see the details through a picture.

Add bot & make the admin to the group:  From the telegram group, click on the group name at the top to open the Group Info page then click on the "Add members" button. From here you can add bot to this group properly. Then search for your bot's username and to the name of group.

For making bot admin to this group, go to group then click "Manage Group". Then click on "Administrators. And then "Click on the "Add Admin" button. Then search for your bot's username and select it. You will be asked to choose the admin permissions for the bot, select the appropriate permissions based on the tasks you want the bot to perform. Click "Save" to make the bot an admin. Now, your bot is part of the group and has admin privileges to perform the tasks allowed by the permissions you granted during the promotion.

Why you use our new service Telegram Group Manager?

Telegram group manager by BotSailor, can help businesses & organizations communicate better with their customers and clients. Some of the benefits of using Botsailor's Telegram group manager services include:

Increased Communication Efficiency: With Telegram group manager services, businesses and organizations can quickly and easily send messages to all group members simultaneously. This can save time and improve communication efficiency.

Better Customer Service: Business can provide better customer service through group manager services by communicating directly with customers and customers and clients. This can help resolve any issue or problems that customers may have more quickly.

Easier Coordination: With our services, businesses and organizations can easily coordinate their activities with other group members. This can help improve efficiency and coordinate.

Increased Engagement: Businesses can increase engagement with their customers and clients with our management services. This can help build better relationships and create more loyalty among customers.

Enhanced Branding: Businesses can enhance their branding by communicating their group messages and value to customers and clients clearly and concisely using our group management services. This can help improve the image of the business or organization.

Greater Flexibility: With Telegram group manager services, businesses and organization have greater flexibility in how they communicate with their customers and clients. This can help them better meet the needs of their customers and clients.

Benefits of our updated service Telegram Group Manager: A Telegram group manager can significantly improve customer service by streamlining communication, providing quick responses, and enhancing overall engagement with customers. Here's how using a Telegram group manager can contribute to better customer service:

Instant Responses: Group managers can be programmed to provide instant responses to common customer queries using pre-defined templates or automated message triggers. This ensures that customers receive timely information and assistance, even outside of regular business hours.

24/7 Availability: With automated responses, customers can receive assistance around the clock, improving their experience and satisfaction. Group managers can handle routine inquiries during non-business hours, reducing the wait time for customers.

Consistency: Group managers provide consistent and standardized responses to frequently asked questions, ensuring that all customers receive the same accurate information. This consistency helps build trust and credibility.

Self-Service Options: The Telegram group manager could guide customers to self-help resources and FAQs within the BotSailor, platform, empowering them to find solutions independently.

Quick Issue Resolution: For simple issues and inquiries, group managers can provide immediate solutions or direct customers to appropriate resources. This speeds up the problem-solving process and reduces customer frustration.

Scalability: As customer bases grow, group managers can efficiently handle increasing volumes of inquiries without needing a proportional increase in staffing. For larger groups, managing activities manually can become challenging. Group managers enable administrators to manage larger groups effectively and maintain a positive member experience.

Conclusion: It's important to note that the specific benefits of using a Telegram group manager can vary based on the features and capabilities of the tool you choose. When selecting a group manager, consider the needs of your group, the features offered by the tool, and the ease of use for both administrators and members. Incorporating a Telegram group manager into your customer service strategy can create a more efficient and responsive support system, leading to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

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