30th Apr 2021

The possible reasons and solutions behind purchase code registration keep loading during xeroChat installation are below.

Reason :

1. In your server all files & folder doesn't have write permission.
2. SSL configuration issue in your server.

Solutions :

1. Make sure to provide write permissions to all folders & files. 755 should work , but depends on your server user group, it may needs 777 permissions.
2. If the problem comes for SSL configuration :   This mostly happen for using cloudflare. If it's cloudflare try by switching SSL mode to Full stead of Flexible .

If this doesn't work, then edit file application/config/config.php line no 17
$config['base_url'] = "Application URL/ ";  

Replace Application URL by actual url of the ChatPion and a trailing slash  Example : https://xerochat.com/demo/  or where xerochat is installed flowing a trailing slash.

Still if you facing problem, open a support ticket providing your application url, admin login crededentil to check the actual issue.

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