15th Dec 2019

To integrate with SendGrid SMTP API with ChatPion

  1. Create an API Key with at least “Mail” permissions from https://app.sendgrid.com/settings/api_keys
  2. Email address: Email address from where you want to send message.
  3. SMTP host:  smtp.sendgrid.net
  4. SMTP username: apikey
  5. Password: The API key generated in step 1.
  6. SMTP port: 465
  7. SMTP type : SSL

Here is the full video instruction of how to setup Sendgrid SMTP API

Example of Sendgrid SMTP Settings Screenshot

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  • The other way is to use like this:
    1. SMTP host: smtp.sendgrid.net
    2. SMTP username: your sendgrid account username
    3. Password: your sendgrid account password
    SMTP port: 587
    SMTP type : TLS

    I am using that since more than 1 year with ez inboxer and now xerochat. But u mus have at least mail permission

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