14th Nov 2019

ChatPion’s auto reply & private reply of comment is webhook based. There is no relation with cron job for auto reply campaign. However if you find your auto reply isn’t working for any reason, you should go for some checking if these are full filled.

1. First of all, make sure your app is fully Approved with Business Verification/Individual Verification & in Live Mode. Before approval & live mode, auto reply will not work.

2. Double check if you have enabled the Feed Event for Page Webhook for your Facebook APP. Go to App’s Webhooks Menu -> Select Page & Subscribe Feed Event. See more here https://youtu.be/fa70oKRdiBI?t=176

3. Finally check the auto reply report. If there any error message available, then that could be the reason of not successfully sent reply.

This is the possible reason of auto reply not sent. If all these are fine, then it must work.

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