19th Oct 2019

As we can feel that sometimes you need to modify or extends anything of ChatPion. It’s very tough & risky to do this in production server. As our motto is ‘We think of your needs’, so we are decided to give a flexible way to do it.

Here is a Master Purchase Code for ChatPion, which will work in localhost server for installation. So if you need to do any changes in design or extends something or developing new add-ons of ChatPion, you can install ChatPion in localhost & use this Master Purchase Code.

Localhost installation will not get auto update

Master Purchase Code for Localhost

Product Master Purchase code
ChatPion xerochat-master-code-localhost-special
Messenger Bot Enhancers Add-on xerochat-bot-enhancers-add-on-master-code
Comment Reply Enhancers Add-on xerochat-comment-enhancers-add-on-master-code
Messenger Bot Connectivity Add-on  xerochat-bot-connectivity-add-on-master-code
Group Posting Toll add-on   xerochat-group-post-add-on-master-code
SiteSpy xeroseo-master-code-for-local-host-1
Sitedoctor SiteSpy Add-on sitedoctor-xero-seo-add-on-1
ViddPrim xerovidd-master-code-localhost-special

Disclaimer:  Keep in mind that as ChatPion works with webhook & cron job, so most of the features will not be functional in localhost. But you can install in localhost & do development. Do any customization with your own responsibility. We are no way responsible for any issue arise from your customization. we can’t support for any issue that caused for your modification. We don't provide any kind of code level support .

We appreciate if anybody want to build ChatPion theme or any add-ons. And we also not only allow but also appreciate if anybody want to build theme or add-ons. You are also allowed to sell theme or add-ons for ChatPion in your website or any marketplace like Codecanyon.

If you have any query regarding this, please feel free to comment below.

ChatPion front-end theme development documentation

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  • Hello,
    I setup XeroChat on localhost with domain: http://xeroseo.local
    When i'm input code: xerochat-master-code-localhost-special even change by all means but get "error invalid". Please guide me.

  • Hi! I'm trying to develop theme for XeroSEO but when I insert the purchase code above I get the message "Alreday use for domain : local.xeroseo, You can reset your purchase code from Here"

  • hi
    how to get code for local host server development

  • Quick question, are their hooks for before send SMS and send email ?
    Does the data returned have a way to get user info from it ?

    • Techy4m

      4 years ago

      Also is their hooks to add custom payment gateway s?

    • Techy4m

      4 years ago

      How about skeleton for creating custom add-ons? Or structure ?

  • Hi, how much would cost to add map point , in check to calculate shipping base on table distance KM result from store to user pin point delivery

  • try using purchase code 'xerochat-master-code-localhost-special'
    got an error:
    Alreday use for domain : localhost, You can reset your purchase code from Here

    I am not using 'localhost' as virtualhost but using 'xerochat' https://imgur.com/a/vaTkkmD

    Because I have so many development virtualhost at my computer

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      4 years ago

      Expected behavior, Please read again about this post as it's said several time that it's for localhost only .

    • JFOC

      4 years ago

      Its localhost server

  • yes, of course
    its have separate from core of xerochat

    so it will not bothered when xerochat update
    thank you xeroneit team

  • i do..
    i can make custom xerochat
    Tutorial page --> http://prntscr.com/pllu2a

    Manual Bank Transfer

    another menu

    contact me if need customization like that
    email me on : xerochatpro@gmail.com

    i will sell this as addon later on codecanyon
    thanks for xeroneit to allow xerochat user to make extension / add on
    and selling this

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      4 years ago

      We appreciate your efforts. However keep in mind during creating add-ons to keep your files separate than Core XeroChat files. So it will not overwritten in future for any of our updates.


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