17th Oct 2019

On September 30, 2019 Facebook made improvements to private replies. The old Private Replies only allowed plain text to be sent. With this update businesses can send images, templates and quick replies as part of the message they send in response to a post or comment on their Page.

Private Replies allows businesses to reply to Post Comments and Visitor Posts made on their Page with a single message on Messenger.

ChatPion comes with world's first tools for private reply of comment with template message, button, quick replies.

We are the first to implement the Facebook's new private reply feature with template message inside ChatPion

A long waiting feature asked by a lot of customers to send private reply for post comment with button or other template message to make it more interactive for Messenger BOT. Yes, finally Facebook has given the option to do so & now it's available inside ChatPion.

Why you are waiting? Check it by commenting on this post. You will be amazed.

You will find option to select template for private reply and it will look like below:


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  • Need to know more how is the posttype parent and child is working

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      4 years ago

      Hope this video will give you idea about BOT building & using PostBack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsX78CIU6uk

      The parent Postback is the main postback when you creating any postback reply.

      Under the reply you can also add button with Postback, you can select previously created postback or add new postback id. If you add new postback id, then it is called child. And then you will need to set reply for that child postback.

    • JFOC

      4 years ago

      how many child post-type we can have?

      can we back/show to parent post type from the child postback?

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