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Administration endpoints are only functional for Extended license.

Note: We don't provide support for API development with third-party integration. You may need to hire any professional developer for API integration.


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  • This options is only for admins?
    Dont are available for users?

    I see don't see this API option on user account, only on admin accounts.

  • HI

    Hi - The native API key is not working.
    When I try to do a post to create user as per the API documentation::

    To create a new user you need to make a post call to the following endpoint:
    curl -X POST \
    'https://myweburl.com/api/create_system_user' \
    -d 'api_key=your_api_key' \
    -d 'name=name' \
    -d 'email=email' \
    -d 'password=password' \
    -d 'package_id=package_id' \
    -d 'expired_date=expired_date'

    This call is not succeeding. I am getting the following error:

    API Key is required

    • ranzu84 Team

      2 years ago

      Please open a ticket to our support. We will be glad to solve your problem. Thanks

  • Update and create not working
    please take a look thanks you

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      What's not working , what's the error & which end points ? please can you give the specific end point with details ?

    • bongkert

      3 years ago

      thanks for reply
      i found a problem is my postman not ur code thanks
      problem is solved

  • i purchase from code canyon but can't download the free addson

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Try by logout from our website & then login again. It should solve your problem.


  • I have created API webhook for payments, notification I can share with you if you need to add this to your product

    • wmwoo

      3 years ago

      How this work? Can we add this ourselves? Interesting to know.

    • njoshsn

      3 years ago

      There was need from my end-user to integrate to pos or e-commerce on complete order this will go to woo commerce or pos system on hotel setup, so that they don't maintain two system. Yes you can do it on your side

    • wmwoo

      3 years ago

      I will delete my email now.

  • Please, I need the video of this to help me understand how to use it properly..

  • Can you explain what this is for?

    is this only just for admin to integration with 3rd party?
    like create a user after succssesfull payment

  • Hello, it would be interesting to create the virtual store API, to make new payment gateway integrations, to be able to import customer orders to Google's sheet among other interesting functions that we can do

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Ok, Thanks for your suggestion. We will definitely think about it in future.

  • I installed the add on but I don't see the API key

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Please make sure to update your software to latest version. At this time last version is v5.0.8

  • Can I hire you as a developer???

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