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E-commerce Digital Product : A ChatPion Add-on
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  • Ability to create digital product store
  • Upload digital product files
  • Take online payment
  • Buyers can download ordered digital product

v1.0 – 30th May 2021

Initial release
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  • Is the owner received order updates via mail or msg

  • The digital product buyers can go again to their account for redownload of the paid order?

  • Advanced Email Scraper (AES) | Search why the product has been removed

  • Hello Admins, Please activate the Manual Payments to this addon because some counties like me still need the manual payments even if it is digital products.

    Example: If they want to buy the item using bank transfer and they just need to upload or send their receipt of their payments. Much better there is an upload button for their proof of payments, and admin will verify it on the admin panel.


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