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HeatSketch is a heatmap and session recording tool that allows you to track and analyze user behavior on your website. Let’s see how HeatSketch can help you monitor user interaction and make data-driven decisions to improve your website's user experience.

Heatmaps are visual representations of user behavior on your website. HeatSketch uses color-coded maps to show where users click, move their cursor, and scroll on your website. This data helps you identify which areas of your website are getting the most attention and which areas need improvement. By analyzing HeatSketch heatmaps, you can improve your website's navigation and layout to make it more user-friendly. For example, if you notice that users are clicking on an element that is not clickable, you can make it clickable to improve user experience.

Session Recordings
Session recordings provide a complete picture of how users interact with your website. HeatSketch records each user's session, allowing you to watch how they navigate through your website, where they spend the most time, and which elements they interact with. Session recordings help you identify any roadblocks or pain points that users may experience while using your website. You can use this data to optimize your website's layout and functionality to improve user experience.

Provide User Data
HeatSketch provides detailed user data, such as which country they are browsing from, which operating system and browser they are using, and which websites they are coming from. This data helps you understand your audience better and tailor your website's design to their preferences. You can also use HeatSketch to track the number of sessions, unique visitors, returning visitors, clicks, and page views. This information helps you measure the effectiveness of your website and identify areas for improvement.

Traffic Overview
HeatSketch provides a comprehensive overview of your website's traffic for the last 30 days. You can see the top referrers, top pages, and active pages of your website. This data helps you understand which pages are performing well and which pages need improvement.

Demo Login : Create your own account and import your domain to test the functionality of the tool.
E-mail: info@heatsketch.com
Password: 12345678

In conclusion, HeatSketch is an essential tool for monitoring and improving user interaction on your website. By analyzing heatmaps, session recordings, user data, and traffic overview, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your website's user experience. With HeatSketch, you can increase customer engagement with your business and improve your website's conversion rate.

Documentation: https://heatsketch.com/docs

Server Requirements & Installation

  • PHP v7.4 to v8+ & MySQL v5.x
  • Make sure curl is enabled , mbstring is enabled, set_time_out is enabled , safe_mode is off, open_base_dir has no value, multibyte string PHP extension enabled, allow_url_fopen=1 and mysqli support is on.
  • Make sure Apache server’s mod rewrite is enabled.
  • See installation video in video manual section below.
  • It will need ZipArchive php module installed to unzip and install addon. If you can not have this php module then you have to upload and unzip addon files manualy in application/modules folder and then activate from addon menu.

Your domain must have https to use HeatSketch features.

[Note: If you get “404 page not found” error then make AllowOverride in your virtual host.]

For better performance set php max_execution_time, mysql connect_timeout, mysql wait_timeout , max_allowed_packet , max_connections to long limit possible, so that your server can process script for long time if needed.

For fast loading, we recommend to enable GZIP Compression on your server (Most server enable it by default)

Note : We highly recommend to use VPS or Dedicated server to run this software smoothly. However it can be installed and run from shared hosting also. But it depends on how much users are using and how many visitors are coming in websites.

  • To effectively manage the large amount of data that this application handles, the use of S3 cloud storage is a requirement for this project. Storing such an extensive volume of data on local storage would result in increased costs, which is why we have excluded this option.

Change Log

v2.9 - 20th May 2023
Fix: PayPal Transactions log not showing after run cron job.
Fix: Package name not showing in pricing page properly. Its still showing 'premium' for all packages.
Fix: Yearly package always shows 20% discount.
Fix: Brand name not changing from pricing page.
Fix: route not found (whatsapp-wa-link-js-code-generator,tme-link-js-code-generator)
Fix: Profile picture display based on user.

v2.8 - 10th May 2023
- Fix: discount package purchase error solved.
- Addition: Get PayPal transaction using Cron.

v2.7 - 9th May 2023
- Fix: Error when save Payment Settings issue fix.
- Fix: Status change option not showing issue fix during creating user manually.
- Fix: After member validity expired, it always redirect to a static link issue fix.
- Fix: Package discount error issue for Payment Discount amount not showing.

v2.6 - 8th May 2023
- Fix: Logo and Fav-icon display issue fix.

v2.5 - 8th May 2023
- Fix: PayPal error when purchasing the package

v2.4 - 6th May 2023
- Fix: Error occurred in loading datatable issue fix.

v2.3 - 4th May 2023
- Fix: Product name not changing issue fix on login and register page.

v2.2 - 29th April 2023
- Re-design: Uniformity in heatmap filtering section. Data will be changed only after clicking filter button.

v2.1 - 24th April 2023
- Fix: Undefined variable $table_names for domain validity check cron job issue fix.

v2.0 - 22nd April 2023
- Renew: IP excluding option is now back.

v1.9 - 20th April 2023
- Fix: Multilingual support for page title of domain's urls.
- Fix: Device column can not be null issue during retaking screenshot issue fix.
- Fix: Heatmap filter options not selected after submit issue fix.

v1.8 - 8th April 2023
- Fix: Error fix in screenshot taking cron job function.
- Fix: Minor fix in affiliate management system.

v1.7 - 6th April 2023
- New: Affiliate management system added for both regular and extended license.
- Fix: Undefined property error in heatmap menu if no domain is added.
- Fix: Heatmap data display issue fix.
- Fix: Product name not changing in footer and title issue fix.

v1.6 - 1st April 2023
- Fix: Session video delete issue fix.

v1.5 - 30th March 2023
- Fix: Unknown column error in domain validity check cron job issue fix.
- New: Session video playing functionality modified.
- Fix: Retake screenshot button url issue fix.

v1.4 - 27th March 2023
- New: User management system is now open for regular license too.
- New: Package management is also open for regular license.
- Fix: Some menus in the settings section don't show for regular license issue fix.

v1.3 - 22nd March 2023
- Undefined variable in landing page if not logged in issue fix.

v1.2 - 21st March 2023
- Some minor issues fix.

v1.1 - 21st March 2023
- Auto-update system error fix

v1.0 - 20th March 2023
- Initial Release

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