18th Apr 2020

Most of our software ( ChatPion, SiteSpy, XeroBizz ) offer two types of licenses. Regular License & Extended License.

As you know, we generally produce software as self-hosted white label multiuser SaaS system.  

That means our software can be used by you & also your users. You can create account from admin panel User Management option or users can sign up in to system.

So the key difference of Extended & Regular license is,

With Regular license, you can’t charge your users. Means you can’t take any fee from your users for using the product as service.

With Extended license, you can charge your users. Means you can take monthly/yearly/lifetime fee as you wish from your users for using the product as service.

For Add-ons: Add-ons are all separate & optional from main item.  No license includes any add-ons default. Each add-ons need to be purchased separately.

Add-ons has only regular license, which can be used with both Extended & Regular license of main product.

Here is a table with some clarification to understand better.

Features/Permissions Regular License Extended License
Multi-user Yes Yes
White Label Yes Yes
Source Code Open Yes Yes
No of Domain 1 1
Can Charge Users No Yes

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