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  • MadamZavari

    3 years ago

    Hello xeroneit support team
    At the outset, I would like to thank you for the great work and hard work you are doing,
    I had some notes that I hope you can solve
    First, Webform does not work in Facebook Messenger
    Second, when you use a language other than English, Webform is not properly arranged

    I hope that there is an option to choose the location of the buttons so that they are more arranged for other languages
    And to solve the problem of not working Webform application in Messenger

    I hope there is an Alignment button
    Right button
    Lift button
    Center button

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      Webview is working fine in Mobile Messenger too. I am not sure what problem you are facing. However if it doesn't load in messenger, try by whitelist your software site url inside pages whitliste domain again. It should solve the issue. Go to pages Settings -> Messenger Platform -> White Listed Domains , Then if already your domain is there, remove it & put it again with https & save. It should solve the issue.

      I just also checked in my page , it's working fine in my android mobile. You can try here https://www.facebook.com/xeroneit/ also by putting keyword demo-webview

      And other language text should be display as like you will write. May be you were trying with Arabic, Arabic actually not supported by default or RTL isn't supported.

      And already there is option to set button in right/left/center .

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