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  • Chihao

    2 years ago

    1. To be honest, the products webview is not a good way to display products. A better way is to display using Carousel of Generic Templates. An alternative way to import products is using a product feed and it should be a good idea.
    2. You should focus on integrating customers between XeroChat and WooCommerce. For example, coupon creation for customers, order tracking, RFM model to segment customers, etc.
    3. For advanced features, you could recommend customers products according to their behavior on the website.

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      2 years ago

      I can understand you, but this is very simple add-on to import WooCommerce products to XeroChat Ecommerce to display as showcase in Messenger in webview or import in to XeroChat Ecommerce store. Nothing else.

      And honestly we have any plan for advanced work with WooCommerce API . We just give an option to import product to showcase.

      Thanks for your understanding.

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