v2.0 WooCommerce Integration :  A ChatPion Add-on
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Requires at least ChatPion v5.2 to work

Connect WooCommerce API with ChatPion & import WC products, load imported products as webview, and export WC products to ChatPion E-Commerce.

Change Log

V2.0 – 31st January 2022

-ChatPion v8.0 combability 

v1.5 – 15th December 2020

- - Product export attribute issue

v1.4 – 15th December 2020

- Product export issue

v1.3 – 13th December 2020

- Thumbnail image not working for several products

v1.2 – 12th December 2020

-  Draft product display issue

v1.1 – 8th December 2020

- Force Basic Authentication as query string under HTTPS

v1.0 – 7th December 2020

Initial release
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  • It would have been better if the notification + email went to the Messenger after the order was placed on the WooCommerce website instead of the order on the Chatpion website.

  • I am recreating this addon but my design is different( User have to create a shop in xerochat from where the import button is in the list with option to download the woo-commerce plugin )
    when the plugin is installed the data is pulled from woo-commerce to ecommerce_product table (so in short the products will be mirrored to xerochat)

    • dinasaad91

      3 years ago

      can you let me check tawfficfahmy@gmail.com

    • kn16h7d4rk

      2 years ago

      Hey Njoshsn, would it be possible to see how your version works?

  • Can I import more than one Woocommerce store?

  • Really a great work, indeed! Thanks a lot XeroneIT for making this addon, I know you have more plans to make this addon on top of the market.
    More sales to come and wishing all the best ?

  • Great Job all the way!

  • Can you create an addon for opencart, would really be nice as i have most of my customers using opencart

  • Is a good job, many thanks

  • I want order status notification on woocomerce for sent tracking shipment

  • 1. To be honest, the products webview is not a good way to display products. A better way is to display using Carousel of Generic Templates. An alternative way to import products is using a product feed and it should be a good idea.
    2. You should focus on integrating customers between XeroChat and WooCommerce. For example, coupon creation for customers, order tracking, RFM model to segment customers, etc.
    3. For advanced features, you could recommend customers products according to their behavior on the website.

    • xeroneitbd Admin

      3 years ago

      I can understand you, but this is very simple add-on to import WooCommerce products to XeroChat Ecommerce to display as showcase in Messenger in webview or import in to XeroChat Ecommerce store. Nothing else.

      And honestly we have any plan for advanced work with WooCommerce API . We just give an option to import product to showcase.

      Thanks for your understanding.

  • There is definitely a lot to update in the Xerochat ecommerce and WooCommerce addon. It just syncs the product name and image and resets all the catagories to one and sets rates to zero. Not much automatic. I hope the developers will compe up with updates to syn it the better way including multiple variables and catagories sync.

    • alaminjwel Admin

      3 years ago

      We did whatever can be done to cope with current XeroChat e-commerce.

    • hasnainu4

      2 years ago

      Hey let me know if you want the change in WooCommerce to automatically sync the products

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