13th Sep 2021

If you want to grow your business, you need to obtain thousands of followers on Social Media. The more you have followers on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, the more your business grows. Nowadays, without followers on social media, it is very hard to flourish your business.

Therefore, you have to attract more followers on social media. And to do this, you have to be super active on social media. That is, you have to publish and schedule posts, comments under posts and reply to the comments from customers, and send private replies to them. In one word, you have to be active on social media, especially on popular social media.

Facebook is the most popular social media. Thousands of people worldwide use Facebook and spend long times on it. Still, there are people who don’t use Facebook. Instead, they use Instagram. And the number of Instagram users is increasing day by day. That is, if you want to present your business to your Instagram users and sell your products to them, you have to be active on your Instagram profile.

In this article, I will talk about how to become active on the Instagram profile to attract followers and how to make them your valued customers using automation tools.

To attract followers on Instagram, you have to publish and schedule posts regularly on your Instagram profile. And to publish and schedule posts regularly is a repetitive, boring, and time-consuming task. Therefore, you should use an automation tool that will publish and schedule posts on your Instagram account regularly. And I recommend you to use ChatPion’s Social poster that will publish and schedule posts on your Instagram profile regularly. And when people comment under your posts, you have to reply to the comments instantly. And replying to every comment instantly is almost impossible for a human being because a human being couldn’t always be sitting before laptops or desktops. Therefore, you should use an automation tool that will reply to comments immediately. And I recommend you to use ChatPion’s Comment Growth tool that will automatically comment under posts and reply to comments immediately.

Ultimately, the followers of your Instagram Profile will become your valued customers. Then they will ask questions about your business and different products. And to satisfy them, you have to answer the queries instantly. Moreover, you have to let your customers know about newly arrived products, offers, discounts and so on. Also, you need to collect leads from the users so that you can do email and SMS marketing with the leads. Moreover, you need to collect other data so that you can use the data in conversations with users to make the conversation more intimate. And if you engage your customers with your business well, they will be eager to buy products from you. And now you have to sell things to them. You should sell the things to the customer and take payments from them inside the messenger. In this case, you don’t have to tell the customers to go to another Ecommerce website to buy things.

Well, now the question is how can you accomplish these tasks every single day.

Of course, you can accomplish these time-consuming, repetitive, and boring tasks yourself. In this case, you have to be always sitting before your laptops, desktops, or smartphones.

Therefore, you will not have time to make out strategies to grow your business and accomplish other important things. Also, you will not be able to spend quality time with your friends and family. Ultimately, you will lose balance in your life.

As a result, you need a chatbot for Instagram Messenger to do these tasks with more efficiency and accuracy. The chatbot will do these tasks while you are busy with other tasks, spending quality time with your friends and family, and even sleeping at night.

I will suggest you use IniChat (a ChatPion Add-on), a messenger bot-building platform and multichannel marketing software, IniChat that is developed with official API. If you use IniChat, first, you have to build a chatbot for Instagram with IniChat. And to make the bot building process super easy and straightforward, ChatPion has Flow Builder (a ChatPion Add-on) a visual drag and drop chatbot editor. And on the Flow Builder, you can easily build Chatbot for Instagram by dragging and dropping.

Now, let’s talk about how to make Instagram Users your valued customers using IniChat:

Answer to the Frequently asked questions:

IniChat’s Icebreaker can answer the frequently asked questions of your business automatically. The moment, a user enters your Instagram Messenger, some frequently asked questions will be sent. When the users click on a question, the bot will answer the questions instantly.

icebraker full

Can reply to queries from customers:

IniChat can reply to queries with text and images instantly. Unlike a human agent, it always gives accurate answers since it uses pre-defined content to give answers. Also, it can address the user by their names in replies.

reply full

Inform customers about new products, offers, and discounts:

IniChat let the users know about the new products, offers, and discounts with generic templates and carousels. Via the generic templates and carousels, it can redirect your customers to the product page of your website. Of course, it can show the specific products from your Ecommerce store in the messenger. Therefore, a user can easily buy the product inside the messenger without going outside the messenger.

offer full

Collect current and original users’ data:

Using the User Input Flow and Custom Fields, IniChat can collect original and real-time data from users. It collects data during conversations with users. In candid conversations, IniChat asks for specific information. Then the user provides the information, typing it with their own hand.

Therefore, the information it collects is current and authentic. Of course, the user can choose not to provide the information. Well, IniChat is smart enough to use the collected information to ask for other information. In this way, the Instagram bot continues the conversation while collecting information. In one word, it collects information like a human being. The collected information is stored in variables. And you can use the data via the variables in the bot. Specially, you need the variables to set conditions for the Intelligent chatbot for Instagram.

user input flow full

Can sell products and take payments:

Using the ChatPion’s full-featured Ecommerce platform, the IniChat can sell products to the user inside the messenger. The Customer can choose products from different categories, add products to the cart, and give payments using different payment methods including PayPal and Stripe.

ecommerce full

Sequence messages:

IniChat also can send sequence messages-- 24 Hours promotional and Daily non-promotional.

Reply to Story mentions:

If someone mentions their stories to you, IniChat can reply to the story mention instantly.


Live Chat:

ChatPion has a feature called LiveChat. In the LiveChat option, you can see the latest conversations of the users with your Instagram Profile. If IniChat forwards a user to a human agent, you can easily talk to the user on the livechat feature, without going to the Instagram messenger.


Ultimately, the IniChat automatically do everything to satisfy your customers’ need. As a result, your customers become happy. And happy customers tend to buy products from your business. As a result, your business grows to the next level.

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