30th Oct 2019

What is Ice Breakers of Facebook Messenger:

Ice Breaker ( FAQ in Messenger ) is a new addition on Facebook Messenger for business with a list of frequently asked questions. This is an alternative of Get Started button. You may see these question in messenger before, but there was no way to control them programmatically, manage user response & continue chat as per their question. Now Facebook has just provided new API to create these question & handle the response & manage them programmatically.

To understand better, have a look on the below screenshot.

Why Ice Breakers So Important?

Giving the option of Ice Breakers is a game changers for Messenger Marketing. It’s so much powerful than you can imagine.

When a new visitors come in your Messenger BOT, in past they could see only a Get Started Button. Which is one option to engage with visitors for first time. Visitors sometimes may get confused to click the ‘Get Started’ button as they don’t have any idea what’s reply is coming after it or what’s about it actually.

But with new Ice Breakers option, you are now able to set couple for predefined question that your visitors may have. So visitors must feel comfortable to click on any of these question they have in their mind. So you can now give a proper answer as per visitors needs. Not any random answer with ‘Get Started’ button, that visitors may not be interested.

In addition, you will now be able to segment your subscribers List by adding label at the very first time when visitors click any of the questions. As you have option to set couple of different question, you can segment subscriber corresponding their click on different question.Which also wasn’t possible with Get Started button.

How About ChatPion Comes with New Ice Breakers Features:

As always anything new & powerful things comes, we implemented that so fast that most of the time we are the first to implement it as we first implemented Private Reply With Template Message

Get Started button option will also be available in the system. It's your choice to use which you want to use in the BOT.

How To Set FAQ in Facebook Messenger with ChatPion Ice Breaker Feature

Some Key Notes About Ice Breakers :

Client Requirements

Messenger for Android +v240
Messenger for iOS +v240

Page Profile Priority

Some of the profile elements like Ice Breakers and Get Started button are incompatible with each other. So when both are set one will take precedence over the other. Here is the priority from highest to lowest:

API Ice Breakers
Get Started button
Custom Questions set via the Page Inbox UI

Editing Custom Questions from the Page Inbox UI is disabled when Ice Breakers are set via API. This is to prevent breaking the experience set by the installed app.


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